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And finally, the gender bending and risen egalitarianism of the biological sexes. In the 1960s feminism when women wanted to wear "masculine or men's" dress and repeal misogynist laws or abolish gender restrictive behavior in society to the 1990s when it seems we wanted to end sexism and stereotypical gender roles as well to now in the 2020s of gender identity, diversity and expression esp with calls to end male privilege, for transgender rights and esp. marriage equality.
these issues are from a tradional perspectives NOT solely Saturnine:)


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Saturn in own DOMICILE aka house AQUARIUS
is essentially dignified and powerful

shows an individual who gets along with authority
and respects rank and privilege and is responsible
cool headed, scientifically minded
usually has a talent for mathematics and computer science.
Frequently, this individual
will move up in the corporate ladder

to very distinguished heights.
They have respect for the law.
Sometimes this individual runs into crises
that force he/she to learn
that the spirit of the law is more important
than the letter of the law.
Generally this person will tend to lean to the political right.

IN A NOCTURNAL CHART Saturn is still essentially dignified
but the natives social status is likely to be less powerful.
The coldness of night elementally
concentrates that which is alike and unlike together.
This creates lack of clarity in social circumstances
or a feeling of being cramped socially.
If feeling trapped in unfavorable social circumstances for too long :smile:
the native may develop misanthropic tendencies.
source Curtis Manwaring DELPHIC ORACLE



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Jupiter is helpful.
Sometimes, it's so helpful, it helps the guys robbing a bank.
Always inflate, Jup.
not a traditional astrology perspective
generalisation although tempting fun

is unreliable

Jupiter is of the Day Sect
and acts CONTRARY when not of the sect in favor

this thread is on our traditional board

Sun onto SATURN favorably placed by day
effective for actions, wealth, joy and memories of ancient matters :smile:

When unfavorably placed by night, they cause dangers, inactivity,
judgements, bankruptcies, enmities with elders,
deaths of relatives, fearful sights and anxiety.
Chris Brennan
on the concept of reception
in traditional astrology
how it can be used as a powerful mitigating factor :smile:
in birth chart interpretation

Broadly speaking
reception occurs
when one planet is placed in a sign ruled by another planet

the ruler of the sign aspects the guest planet.

Since the signs of the zodiac were originally conceptualized
as the homes or dwelling places of the planets
reception was conceptualized as
what happens when a host planet welcomes and supports guests staying in its home.

Medieval astrologers often treated reception as a powerful mitigating factor
which could make aspects from benefics even more positive
or alternatively make difficult aspects from malefics more constructive.

First part of the lecture - history and philosophy behind this concept
while the second half presents contemporary chart examples

to demonstrate how the technique works in practice.

Stars that precede are superior to those that follow
thus it is better for benefics to be on the right of malefics
and we say this for all assemblies, configurations and like-principles.

In every case it is necessary to
examine the assemblies and configurations with degree
for they become stronger the closer they are to their figures.

Like-principles of daylight, rising times and houserulers
cause harmonious affinity
but it will be very weak if the images are turned away.
It will be necessary to accurately measure
the distances between powerful stars
then measure the same or reverse from the Hour-Marker,
in order that
whatever relations the stars bear to each other
the Hour-Marker may bear to the Lots
and that they may be as they were Hour-Markers.


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Lead, and zinc are effective moss control elements.
They protect what is below them

by leaving a covering on top

and killing any organism

that tries to grow underneath it

by leaching when it rains.



Lead poisoning is a serious and sometimes fatal condition.
It occurs when lead builds up in the body.
Lead is found in lead-based paints
including paint on the walls of old houses and toys.



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The Minor Years of the Planets
are consistently given in many different texts.
One source is at the end of Book III of the Anthology by Valens
free download.
Below are the Minor Years of each planet

Saturn – 30
Jupiter – 12
Mars – 15
Sun – 19
Venus – 8
Mercury – 20
Moon – 25

In various sections of the Anthology
especially Book VII
Valens uses the years of the planets for prediction.
He combines the minor years of planets that are in configurations. :smile:

Valens also
combines minor years of planets with those of their ruler.

The basic idea is that a planet’s effects are likely to manifest
or ripen near to the number of years of the planet.

article at



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"...OIL is pitch black - comes from the earth from fossils of dead things
OIL is created under great pressure - has to be mined from the earth
& humanity's use of it is a leading contributor to environmental catastrophes worldwide
Jupiter may show up in astrology related to oil

particularly Jupiter in Saturn's signs Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius..." :)