Saturn in Scorpio - and here we go...


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What more appropriate time to discuss this transit than on the eve of the new moon. So, what have we got so far, on a big scale?

Well, Sandy will go done in history for her intensity.

General Petraeus' sexual affair has been unearthed for the world to see.

Our president did not technically change, but as it is his last term I'm sure he's feeling a little different and we will see some adjustments from that.

Money all over the world is...well...dying.

Me personally, I've got nothing. saturn just passed my scorpio moon and now sits in between her and my mc, waiting to head towards pluto. I think it may have something to do with saturn coming home, for me, and trekking through the tenth house. Oh and I agreed to house sit at a friends isolated abode for the whole of the Sun-Scorpio transit because this time of year and I aren't necessarily the best of friends.:innocent::devil::whistling:

Anyways, I'd love to hear what ya'll are experiencing out there with this transit, especially those of you with strong scorpio placements or even just a commentary on what you're seeing out there in the world.


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Well this transit is ******** for me lol.right now Scorpio Saturn is transiting my 2nd house. It's not conjunct Pluto yet and the lone aspect it makes Natally is to Venus and its off by 1 degree.

Seeing as I use whole sign for transits(it's been more accurate)Saturn has been there since it hit Scorpio n soon as it did, a few things happen

One, I found out that my old student loans were about to start garnishing my wages, that would have been extremely bad for me. I set up a plan with them so that wouldn't happen

Second my Job cut back on hours I mean bad like cut from 80 to 40 so that put me behind on ally bills and plans and u know how late fees mount up

I've basically been havin money issues and **** near lost my car, my most dependable possession. Things have just been a financial strain and it's my fault from past poor decisions. Like all Saturn transits it starts by some outside workings and then goes deep n I can't lie, I've seen some ppl my age(25) and they got it together I feel like I should just have more at my age right now n now
I'm just playing catch up. Saturn also rules the fourth house and I'm havin slight domestic issues. It's conjunct venus right now n u can tell. I hope things clear up cuz this is by far my most strenuous transit


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Sorry to hear MPR...I'm 25 also and just started school back for the first time so I can fully empathize about not feeling like you are were you should they say though 'you're always exactly where you need to be''s to hoping that true!


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I have my Sun, Mars, Mercury & Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house. As soon as Saturn began transitting my 8th I began having problems with one of my roommates (he is a Scorpio too :/) I am not sure if the career I am studying is right for me. I am living off of my parents at the moment but because my parents are retiring I know I need to finish school & be financially independent asap. I just feel lost at the moment and I haven't been quite myself. I am an introvert by nature but I've been unusually quiet recently/ can't seem to say the right thing when I need to...


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Sorry to hear it Nomad...remember that Saturn brings resolution too, not just the problems...It's something I have to remind myself often and after doing so, try to look at the larger meaning within the issues I'm facing.

Speaking of, I have an amendment to my claim of problem-less transit that Nomad's post reminded me of. There have been some definite struggles as of the past month or so. The most outstanding of them being an obsessively involved attempt to decide the 'right' course for me in my second attempt at college (Scorpio Moon's at the end of the 10th). What's different about the problems in this transit is that they haven't felt like problems at all. Maybe it's because Saturn's going through his home territory in my Natal 10th, maybe its age, time and loss themselves, but the things I'm going through in regards to the 'task-master's' realm are starting to feel like just that: tasks to accomplish and move on with, obstacles that will inevitably be overcome, or an arduous hike in which my exhaustion is outweighed by my anticipation for the pending view from the peak...