Saturn, dear Saturn.

Hi everyone,

I'm going through my first "very" Saturnian phase... I just turned 21 a couple of months ago, and I survived its first square.
As you may know, Saturn is now in Scorpio, and I have 4 planets in this sign and since I'm Cap rising, he's transiting my 10th house.
When he conjuncted my sun, making a square a little bit after with my Saturn in Aquarius in First, I was really having a hard time. I felt really lonely, I was cut off from the others, depressed, guilty and so on but it somehow freed me from a lot of things, and he made me bolder, stronger, wiser also.
Now he's conjuncting Pluto, squaring my Chiron and the past couple of weeks, I've been really anxious. Feelings of rejection (I've been rejected by the others in middle/high school, and I had a very complicated situation with my parents) have been coming back, fears of not being accepted by the others and similar things are getting to the surface. Stuff I thought I had overcome. I'm trying to keep it cool ... I mean it's not so bad, Jupiter is transiting my 7th, and Saturn is trining Mars, doing a sextile with my Asc itself but I'm having a bit of a heavy time though is way better than last year. During this phase, I've been talking to my parents a lot, dealing with the issues and I finally got to free myself from the situation we had by telling them how I felt.
Does someone have any experience with Saturn conjunct Pluto, in 10th?
I've come to learn that Saturn (even if he's a *****) can be at the end very positive.
Otherwise Pluto is transiting my first and I'm gonna go through the typical Uranus square Uranus, and also Neptune (90's generation) in a couple of months, as Neptune squaring Venus, having a Pluto conjunct Uranus at the same time. Those transits, I know, are generational but what's gonna be like?




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I'm a Libra, rising sign Libra with the sun in the 12th house and 4 others planets in cardinal signs ( Sun conjuct Pluto in the 12th house) + the midheaven in Cancer. So there's 2 or 3 things I know about Saturn, 2 or 3 thing I had to learn during Saturn's transit in Libra.
I hope some others people will care about your worrying but surely, I'll answer you soon...!
For example, I had Saturn transiting my conjuction Sun/Pluto in the 12th house. Guess what, I'm still alive...:biggrin:

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Thanks Sam!

Cause that's the thing, my Midheaven is also in scorpio! It got hit already one time but didn't feel anything bad... Saturn is not that horrible, this planet also rewards when efforts has been done...
I've suffered a lot and worked through where I am today, still standing haha.



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Loic --

I think your Saturn is great! You have enough tension to give you that shove and create some energy. I have a really hard Saturn conjunct Moon, in opposition to Pluto and Uranus, plus in a T-square with a Mars apex. So I know the feeling.

Most importantly (and I'm sorry I'm speaking to the natal and not the transits) you have that opposition from Neptune and Uranus to Mars. So some of the troubles you're feeling may be from that -- frustration and anger management issues.

That stuff can feel like the authority of Saturn stepping in, when actually it's just impatience, impulsiveness, and pent-up energy bouncing around badly in the world (this is the voice of experience speaking! :innocent: ) Think about the jolts from Uranus and what rises up from the bottom of the ocean with Neptune, both of those working to challenge your internal stability, your backbone.

With the 12th house placements, these are real karmic lessons you're learning. That's always the way to look at Saturn, IMHO -- "when the going gets tough, the tough get going."

I hope you will look into the "Saturn return," that will be really useful information for you as you progress through your 20s.
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Dear Artnunymiss,

Thank you for you response!

I don't think my Saturn is that bad, since it's Aquarius, and I have four planets in Scorp, his transits through my 10th are very much effective and I don't wanna imagine when he's gonna square the 4 planets for his first return haha.
Then again, I'm trying to keep it cool. Saturn is about learning, and keeping things in depth. Especially, the conjunction is about new beginnings so I guess it's for the best.
People who have a weak Saturn in their charts (I've noticed) seem to make the same mistakes/schemes all over again.
Mine is in First house, my goal is to make the best out of it then.
As for the oppositions : Mars is opposed to Asc, Uranus and Neptune. This is the only hard aspects of my birth chart, with two squares from Saturn (Sun and MC) and the ones for people who interpretate it of Chiron (with my triple conjunction in Scorp).
Pluto is not opposed (luckily!) to Saturn hehe.



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Yes ma'am, I love Saturn too, because I'm a glutton for punishment! I'm also a very strong person, and quite steady despite major obstacles. Good way to look at it.

You know whose Saturns I really admire? Hockey player Cam Neely of the Boston Bruins, and comedian Andy Samberg. Both of those can be found on, under the celebrity search section. Samberg's is maybe more like yours, in terms of being tough but also beneficial. Neely's is like mine, in a 5-way T-square with Mars, the moon, Pluto, and Uranus.
Also, I need to point out that the squares of Saturn with my Sun and MC are large (5-7 degrees).

Concerning the 12th House, apparently, with the "equal" housing system, Uranus and Neptune move foward to 1th, and Saturn on 2nd.
Anyhow, there already in conjunction with my Cap Asc, which I've heard could easy (especially the conjunct with Neptune) the "hard" character of the Cap.


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I would point that Saturn transiting the 10th house is not automatically the bad guy because Saturn just moves in HIS house (analogically the house of the 10th sign) and as you notice, your natal Saturn is beneficial in Aquarius.
Anyway, what I can give you from my experience, it's that you clearly have to assume and overcome wisely the obstacles on your road before the hour of the Instant karma: when Saturn transit the 12th house...

About Saturn transiting Pluto, as I mentioned it, I had to face it in my 12th house but in your 10th house, it can be like a moment of truth in your social path.
Saturn is positive when you don't make lies to yourself and when you're open in learning from your weaknesses.

"Otherwise Pluto is transiting my first and I'm gonna go through the typical Uranus square Uranus, and also Neptune (90's generation) in a couple of months, as Neptune squaring Venus, having a Pluto conjunct Uranus at the same time. Those transits, I know, are generational but what's gonna be like? " Maybe it's a little bit soon to project there. I can only figure that a relationship (Venus ) could be challenged by illusions, lies or disappointed hopes... Uranus square Uranus, I remember one of the best moments in my life when I became more independant even if was not so easy. And I don't have many memories from Uranus square Neptune except the gap between my spiritual évolution and my social status not so brillant.:biggrin:



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OP, you pretty much described what I went through when Saturn went over my Mercury-Pluto conjunction for the final time in late 2013 just before entering my 12th house. It's now hovering around my Sun and then it will conjoin my Moon and Ascendant in 2015 so I'm going through a period of strong Saturn years too lol.

Saturn going over my Pluto had me feeling very isolated and depressed too. It got the point where I couldn't function and had to go on medication. But I reached out to my parents who gave me great support. But through all that, I've learned a lot about myself and bad habits I need to let go of, especially since I will be starting a new phase when Saturn goes over my Ascendant. I see why Saturn is Astrology's greatest teacher.

Wow, the medication thing has must been a terrible thing to go through. Glad to hear that you survive.
I've read a lot on forums, and I bought Liz's Greene interpretation about that transit. Some says that nothing happened while saturn conjuncted their pluto.
Others were like "Oh this is the toughest transit of a lifetime, nearly went through death etc etc".
According to Liz Green, this transit is about being a survivor. What's been deeply rejected unconsciously is now getting up on the surface, and you're about to discover how strong you are against life and its miseries. You can also meet people, who are "survivors" themselves, projecting what you're going through. As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't say, this is the worst time of my life. The conjunction with my sun/squaring my saturn was WAY harder. Yet I'm really anxious all the time/ My back hurts so much I'm so freaked out and I go wild for nothing. I just feel very much contracted. Not easy.


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You right Saturn is moving through his house but in my chart, he's in first. All the Saturn transits are more "effective" then.
Also, I have a strong Pluto, since he's in scorp, conjunct to my MC. Have you go through Pluto conjunct Uranus (The latter is conjunct to my Asc)?
****, all the strong planets are somehow dominant in my birth chart.