Saturn conjunct neptune transit (love?)


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Millions of people were born with a Saturn conjunct Neptune and in their early 30s, they have serious problems with employment, income and college tuition debt, and I feel sorry for this portion of the millennial generation (born 1982 or 83 to 2000 or 01) to have a difficult experience in their 20s (from age 18-31), we can blame political and cultural factors...or two outer planets conjunction, for their problems, crisis and trouble in pulling their boot straps to achieve their own mature adult independence, it is harder than their baby-boomer parents in the same age range (20's in the time period from 1964 or 65 to 1982 or 83).

I'd believe it! I find a lot of people who are in their 30s who suffer similar to these events. I feel like I may have a chance to work through my short comings if I keep my focus on right life choices.


Thank you for your input. I also want to add that you are spot on about my depression. I do have depression and currently receive therapy for it and have just considered taking medicine for it as of last week.

So with my Neptune/Uranus natal conjunction, does that put more emphasis on the t.Saturn? I am still a novice when it comes to astrology, so my own interpretations can be a bit off. Are there ways to counteract the energy influence being caused by this someway?

I have been dealt with confusion and deep thinking lately and not sure what to do with it. I don't want to fall completely hopeless, I am just worried.

I'm glad you have help from a professional with depression. I don't know of anything better. I'm not an expert on treating depression.

But the good news is that transits are temporary. Check the path and schedule of t.Saturn, and when it is 1-1/2 degrees past Uranus, you will feel better.

I feel that the closeness of n.Neptune to n.Uranus brings Uranus into the chemistry, so it is more a Neptune/Uranus event than a Neptune event.