San Bernardino Shooting - workplace grudge


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San Bernardino Shooting - workplace grudge?
11:18 am PST at The Inland Regional Center that serves
disabled persons, with up to 600 workers.
Fourteen people known dead, 17 wounded.

Early AM 'Dire' Chart Aspects:
5:50 am I looked outside; saw 22 Scorpio rising (did a quick chart) with dire Mars square & opposition aspects
just forming in the east.
The sight of Venus and Mars in the predawn dark & so close gave me chills; "We're in for it again"
7:20 pm Update:
It turns out one assailant was an upset co-worker with a female accomplice (Venus)
- note Uranus was in 5th house of entertainment;
Aggressive Mars opposes Uranus - from the 11th hse. social groups.
- shooting was at a government office workers Christmas party.

11:18 am Shooting Chart:

6th and 7th house indicators; Venus in 8th point to a disagreement over a social group; possibly women case workers.
10th's Sun +Saturn Square Neptune in 1st hse. terrorism theories, theatrical in appearance; dressed in black tactical gear.
Lots of confused, mixed scenarios.
7:30 pm Update: in the fatal shooting chart Mercury is ruling the 5th house.
Mercury in SAG squares Chiron in 1st and Jupiter in the 7th of enemies.
Jupiter has been conjunct fixed star Denebola 20 Virgo = 'extremes of criticism and strong denials'
'Government holiday party guest 'left after argument, came back heavily armed and killed at least 14 in rampage'
USA > During 2015 there have been 355 mass shootings to date.
"Is this the new 'norm' resolving conflict with guns?"


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Hello -

The 6th house of event - workplace - mars ruled. Mars posited in 11th house - group event, gathering, collective of like-minded people ~ a public "organization".

(reports are that it was a training/awards event for the S.B. county environmental health dept.)

Ruler of Asc Pluto - posited in 2nd house of event - tells me the shootings were value-based more than a grudge against any one individual.

Moon ruler of 9th house ideologies, moon on the MC of event - maybe a 'grudge' toward the operative 'system' of authority.

Three attackers in event - represented by Saturn Sun Mercury - in 1st house. Sun Saturn conjunct could be the two who were killed immediately. The thirdperson, Mercury, got away - and trining Uranus in the 5th of event chart - in the company of a 'radical' - a child of, or love interest perhaps, of Uranus the 'mastermind' of the event?

If this was strictly about a beef between individuals - I would expect to see more activity from 1st to 7th house in the chart.


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Thanks for that write up MerTrineSat. I live outside of LA and I'm pretty shocked even though I shouldn't be... What's going wrong in the world?

USA > During 2015 there have been 355 mass shootings to date.

This is a disturbing fact. Thats more than one per day. :sad:


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Speculative Natal Chart for Sayed Farook - born in Karachi, Pakistan
[not a true ASC, @ noon]

Reminds me of Trotsky; the Russian revolutionary,
e.g. an especially lethal kind of Scorpio.

IMO he shows extreme signs of a born sociopath (Mars + Mercury oppose Jupiter +star Baten Kaitos) with grudge.
w/ homicidal tendencies, similar to Charles Manson.
He was a very volatile person, yet 'wearing a mask' while on the job.
Who were his victims? Females at work - Libra.

His Uranus 'Dis-transit' early summer thru fall of 2015 provided him with the psychic opportunity to act.
Here 'Dis' means a negative acting transit - in and of, the Underworld.
Note Uranus, Jupiter cooperate with a huge religious feeling in him.
It seems he worked himself into a rage against an alleged offense at work.
- had to overcome Mars in Libra's natural reluctance at killing.

Sun + Pluto is a tough combination; frequent in dictators charts.
Add fixed Star Zuben El-Genubi 13 Scorpio for a hard push toward resentment and violence;
falsely accused at work?

Considering all that has emerged about him in his chart one could consider
Syed to be a "born jihadi" ... ready to act.


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The sun-pluto conjunction both trining neptune in natal birth chart indicates one who could easily and powerfully direct spiritual delusion on a path of destruction, violence, murder. Natal saturn uranus conjunction in sagittarius - 'ideology' and the need for 'setting things straight'.

Reports say that he was employed by the SB County Env. Engineering dept.

I am waiting to hear victims statements on what transpired and what was said. I am not inclined to believe this was simply a workplace beef, given the terrorist garb, weaponry and accomplices, as well as this man's sunni muslim orientation, which is the principle group behind the islamic state.


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My speculative charts (birth place and relocated to murders and death) for Rizwan Farook. Next post will have charts for the murders.


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The additional charts for the murders.


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Last night we discussed at length the facts re: timeline of Syed's overseas marital trip and the resulting horror.
It appears his Pharmacist / 'terrorist' wife "set him up"

His speculative Chicago birth; June 11, 1987 has a ton of powerful oppositions involving Saturn / Moon / Uranus in SA
from Chiron / Sun @ 21 GEM

SAT/MOON/URAN all trine Jupiter @ 23 Aries puts him in line for the past summer's extremely rebellious Uranus transit.
Lots of manic outgoing energy; warfare with heavy religious overtones.

His Jupiter 22 Aries conjuncts fixed star Baten Kaitos: The Monster
"It gives compulsory transportation, change or emigration, misfortune by force or accident,
shipwreck but also rescue, falls and blows. [Robson*, p.145.]"

With natal Moon 17 deg. 59' in SAG [th Mideast] his wife could have been quite a religious firebrand;
an adventurer willing to take any risk to travel and to make war.

I'm waiting for more certain birth data on Syed - if any is available.
The next 90-120 days will be a game-changer for US domestic peace.


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USA > During 2015 there have been 355 mass shootings to date.
"Is this the new 'norm' resolving conflict with guns?"

States United To Prevent Gun Violence
opens a "gun store" in NYC
as a hidden camera social experiment to debunk safety myths :smile:
Every gun has a history. Let's not repeat it.
Learn more at

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT, sign our petition at


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California Department of Motor Vehicles has released image of Rizwan with a renewal date of June 14, 2018.

Renewal dates are not just picked out of the air, they are typically the date of the driver's birthday. It is usually necessary to provide birth documentation in order to apply for an initial driver's license.

If this CA DMV date is more correct it would have slight difference because his Sun was conjunct star
Bellatrix 22 Gem
. [June 11 - 14th]
Traditionally viewed as the Amazon female warrior in Orion.
In concert with his volatile wife / assailant the resultant psyche alterations were dire indeed.
"Reckless aggressiveness of a belligerent daredevil. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation,
Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.33.]
'With Sun: Vacillating, changeable, indecisive in business, mechanical ability, riches and honor
but final ruin, blindness by accident, disease, extreme sickness, fevers or violent death.
[Robson*, p.145.]"

Does anyone recall the movie "Play Misty for Me"?
Clint Eastwood's character goes along with his tryst companion - for a little while.
Then he awakes from the nightmare situation almost too late.

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