Same querent, related topic, different times

Dima Gur

I’ve been asked twice by the same person, about a related topic, but on two different occasions.
A mom asked me about her daughter, first about her love life and then about her career.

At first I’ve told her that I’d have to look at two different charts (two horaries), but I’ve discovered that the two horaries present a somewhat similar outlook on the first topic of love life. This makes theoretical sense, since the first topic was an issue during the first query and during the second. Unlike, the second topic which only came up during the second querent. There are some parallel results in both charts on the second topic of career, as well.
Overall, it’s a little bit as if the first chart doesn’t know about second, but the second knows about first.

I’m not interested in presenting the horaries, rather only to ask a general question.

What do you do in occasions such as these:
Do you examine both charts?
Do you try to read from the latter chart? (or maybe from the first)
Do you reprimand the querent? (😊 😊 JK)

Thanks for input,

PS. Some astrologers read from the same horary about different topics (represented by separate houses), for a querent. Anthony Louis has an example of such a reading in his horary book.

dr. farr

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For me since the 2 questions were each asked on SEPERATE OCCASIONS I would erect 2 seperate charts based on the time each question was asked.