Salvador Ramos

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Birth May 16, 2004, Uvalde Texas; I erected a chart for 12 noon; more exact birth time is desirable. Some analysis forthcoming-immediately noticeable is the return of the south node to natal Scorpio, the near exact conjunction of natal sun with Algol, the parallel of mars & Lilith, the parallel of Pluto & the south node, the out of bounds position of Venus & the contra-parallel of Venus & Uranus, and the conjunction of mars (in its fall) & Saturn (in its detriment) in cancer.
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Understood, thank you.
Ramos did the killings in a specific place.
He didn't travel to another city, like the Buffalo killer.
We can compare Ramos chart with that of the town.

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Notice in the city chart the transit of SN THROUGH 3RD HOUSE SCORPIO-JUST LIKE THE RETURN OF THE SN to natal Scorpio in the Ramos chart; could this return of the SN into Scorpio have been an astrological trigger to this massacre?


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No reliable time of birth Salvador Ramos - mid-day chart

born Uvalde, Texas, US on 16th May 2004.

videos depict many well-armed LEOs, all wearing bulletproof vests, standing around doing nothing
see that correctly?
They tackled a parent that wanted to go save his child
but they couldn’t go into the school and tackle the shooter?

The picture that disgusted beyond belief, police officers standing shoulder-to-shoulder

with their backs to the school
while facing the angered parents with their weapons at their chest.
sent a message: "...We're letting this happen & you're not going to stop it...."


Uvalde Shooter Fired Gun For 12 Minutes OUTSIDE School
Before Entering Building: while Police Stood By

A call was made at 11:30 AM to report an active shooter outside
why didn't law enforcement immediately call the school
to have them all go into lockdown
while waiting for cops to arrive on scene?
Since the shooter was able to just walk right into the classroom
that means that the classroom was not locked down.
then also
that some officers actually went in to save their own children

says it all

that there was no evacuation of the school seems really ominous.
Why were police keeping people out
rather than focused on protecting the kids
getting as many of them as possible to safety?

From the beginning
the stories and explanations
of the events told
are are not even remotely similar a couple hours & days later.
The reports are different
from updates of the events.
They're as if of totally different scenarios.
many people question what they're being told.
for example

Within just a matter of hours
after being told

that the person was a shy and introverted young man
we find out that he was the absolute opposite
& that there were warning signs for months
& even years before.

Watching the police threaten and restrain parents is sickening

Uvalde city was incorporated on July 6, 1888 CHART BELOW - no given time



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I have moved the discussion about Uvalde the town to the Mundane Astrology forum here:

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