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I find myself always getting into trouble with the people I meet, and I'm not happy with the way I feel treated by them.

Hi again. I've had lots of experiences with people which have raised similar thoughts, especially in my twenties, but also in my thirties to some extent. I don't know what forces are at work in your inner and outer life obviously, but I 'll say something about what has occurred to me about my experiences.

I have Moon in Scorpio (ruling cancer ASC), Pluto on the IC and Sun in the 8th, by the way. And also strong Aquarian streak, including Sun, and this part of me also seems to expect to get along with everyone.

I think it partly has been a tendency to end up in encounters with other Scorpio types - as house-mates and co-parents mostly, and also a landlady who I used to count as a good friend until she lost the plot! When I look back at these encounters I can see how my own control issues and paranoid feelings played a large part in the disputes that arose. I have a very generous landlord now, but still I feel my gut wrench when I see his name come up as a call or message on my phone, because I just expect the worse. I guess Pluto's placement in the 4th has a lot to do with this. Incidentally, my Scorpio Moon is in the 5th house of children, which perhaps reflects to some extent the power struggles with the co-parents of my two children.

I think its very difficult to handle these situations fairly when in the middle of them. Pluto's destroy or be destroyed perspective kicks in and all reason goes out the window. Part of the difficulty I think is that Pluto/Scorpio is also about necessary transformation - the purging of hypocrisy and complacency - so in this sense there is some rightness and some necessity in any power struggle. But of course the flip side of this is that we would generally rather transform something or somebody else rather than surrender the outmoded part of oneself that needs to be destroyed as part of one's evolution.

Robert Hand once said something like 'Do what you can ethically to change a situation and if that fails just remove yourself from it.' He was addressing Plutonian power struggles.

A prominent Scorpio myth is that of Herecles, who has to kneel before the Hydra in order to lift it into the sunlight so that it will perish. I think as Scorpio types the best we can do is to keep asking 'Which part of myself am i being asked to surrender?' This can feel like being destroyed or humiliated, but it is actually a step to greater self-determination and power. Its like when a weak animal dies and as a result the species becomes more viable because the weak gene won't be reproduced.

And this reminds me of another facet of Pluto which is important for us Pluto type to remember, I feel - that Pluto is a collective process. This process is not ultimately concerned with the survival of any individual, but with the evolution of the expression of life itself. It isn't even concerned with the survival of humanity - kill or cure, its all the same to Pluto, as long as evolution doesn't grind to a halt.

A consequence of this is that Plutonian types are in touch with the dark side of human nature generally - not just their own individual natures. Jung said that those that behave in socially or morally outrageous ways are expressing that which society has shunned in favour of civility and pretence. Being in touch with this collective dark side can add to the feelings of alienation often experienced by Pluto types. Whether we channel Pluto's energy in a socially constructive or a barbaric manner is, again, of no concern to the Pluto archetype itself - only that the pond of life be dredged periodically.

Finally, a quote from Liz Greene about Sun in Scorpio which I think fits all Scorpio types: 'The Scorpio must learn to love and integrate his[/her] own darkness so that [s/]he can heal the darkness around him[/her].' (from Relating)

Sorry for the long post - it was helping me to get my thoughts together as I wrote.