Sade sati since 2014 and Rahu Mahadasha since 2020 - any relief/hope?


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My sade sati started in 2014 and Rahu Mahadasha started in 2020. Since then I am undergoing a very stressful time regarding health, wealth, family, career.

What can be expected during this time period? Any relief? Any hope?

Date of birth: March 13, 1977
5:04 pm
Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Thank you so much.


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Stress continues regarding health and family for most of Rahu dasa. There will be some relief (temporarily) from last week of April 2023.
Monetary position improves from that time but again its full of ups and downs. During 2024-25 and again during 2026-27 you will face cash crunch.
Jupiter dasa from end of 2038 gives relief