Sabian Symbols and Stories


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Yes, I'm familiar with Dane's chapter on the Cross and the Star. Now as it applies to story telling, you need more than a cross and star. Specifically, as I've shown in a few dozen examples here, many popular stories and films are based on two or three degree symbols on the same five pointed star. Sometimes you'll even find 4 or all 5 worked in. Still, usually one or two are most prominent. Now depending on the kind of story you want to tell, aspects to those main 1-2 symbols come into play, as follows.

If telling a comedy, musical (but not rock-opera), something upbeat, family-friendly, and/or intended for children, or other light-hearted fare like comic operas, then you'll want to aspect those symbols with elements taken from symbols are trine to the 1-2 main symbols.

For Dramas, draw on symbols that are square and opposite to the 1-2 main symbols.

For stories that quirky, off-beat, whimsical (though not necessarily comedic), wacky, unconventional, etc, use symbols that are inconjunct.

For taut, tense, riveting, edge of your seat, nail-biting, psychological thrillers use semi-squares.

Finally, for epics, and or stories with non-stop action and adventure star with sextiles and just keep moving around my 60-degrees, if need be.

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I'm not concerned with "make believe", but thanks all the same, I'll keep these suggestions in my files... the Star is the life destiny when it is lived according to Gods' plan. That which points upward, centered on the M.C. of the natal chart, is a life dedicated to the ONE ABOVE, the downward pointing star is a life lived in pursuit of self desire in the material world.
Phoenix Venus made me aware that one should be aware of both Stars and that life can be lived fully when incorporating them both. Hence r.e. the number 55 being the occult and esoteric number fro the Gnostic Christians for Mariam, the Mother that gave virgin birth.

"Kinda brings to mind, old King Tut, He did it! Trying to make it real compared to what?"