Rulership - PLANETS rule SIGNS - 7 classical planets


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to any interested beginners reading this thread
many thanks to greybeard for the following valuable and useful advice :smile:
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Houses do not rule planets.

Planets rule signs
and a sign ruled by a particular planet appears on the cusp of some house.

The planet that rules the sign on the cusp of a house is lord of that house, its ruler.

The ruler of a house has dominion over the affairs of the house
and of any planets found within the boundaries of the sign it rules.

Whether the ruler operates for good or evil depends on its conditioning
for which there are many measurements.

A planet in a house operates most strongly there because directly,
although its behavior is determined by its ruler, even though indirect.
Rather than "ruler"
we might say that the planet ruling the sign on a cusp "disposes" that house
and whatever it contains.

Houses are fixed in relation to Earth.
They are earth-bound, or mundane, and symbolize "surrounding circumstances".


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Each house has a SIGN
Impossible to have a planet in every house.
Having an empty House doesn't mean having no events signified by that house

with no planets in an empty house
those areas of life
are addressed by the planet ruling the SIGN on that house :smile:

A planet can occupy a house
without having influence over the affairs of that house.

To get to know the HOUSE INFLUENCE
you look to the planet that RULES the house.
The ruler of a house
is the planet the rules the SIGN on the cusp of that house.

The planet that RULES a house
is in charge of the affairs of that house
and is the manager of that part of your life. :smile:
When something goes wrong in the affairs of a house
the planet that rules that house takes action to address the problem.
And the way the problem is addressed
with that particular part of your life
is determined by THE NATURE of the ruling planet of the SIGN of that house