Retrograde Planets as Significators?


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I’m curious about what your experiences with retrograde planets as significators look like.

I know that retrograde planets are significantly weakened, and in my experience I’ve had retrograde planets that go direct before ever making an applying aspect. In these cases the situation manifested as one party being interested but then changing their mind and the desired result did not come about.

How about when the only way to make an applying aspect is when One of the planets is in retrograde? In this case that I’m looking over, an applying aspect is made. In fact, it looks like an applying aspect is made TWICE because mercury is going retrograde and then direct.

From my interpretation- it looks as if the desired event is going to come about- but as the quesitor is represented by Mercury, it seems like they are not in a very good position.

Retrograde planets and their effects have always confused me. What are your thoughts?

dr. farr

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In the “Ankara” method of horary I follow, retrograde significators are not necessarily considered weak or debilitated for testimony purposes; note that in traditional, general Vedic astrology retrograde planets are considered to be more powerful than when direct::w00t:


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Hi dr. farr, thank you for your reply!

The fact that in traditional Vedic astrology retrograde planets are more powerful than when direct is interesting. Do you have any books or articles I could read more about that?