Retrograde planets and karmic/past life influence


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Indeed this subject has fascinated me as well. Having Saturn 4th H Rx & 7th H Mercury Rx & Jupiter 12th H Rx.

I've dealt with some pretty intense karmic relationships, abuse and rejection of both parents.

However, I've been blessed with spiritual guides and have always felt protected even in the most traumatic of situations, gifted with clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing) without fail.

Yet, I remain convinced that my past life/karmic debts are relationship and spiritually based.


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I have 5 retrogrades and I love them. My retrogrades have softened some tough aspects and given me a perspective that I feel blessed to have. I, like DrummerGirl, am an empath with touches of claircognizance and I think it's those retrogrades that are key to me connecting with those around me in that manner. I don't believe they are any sort of punishment, just energy focused differently.


I have 3 planets retro ~ Mars Uranus & Pluto

The one I seem to have the most difficulty with is Mars retro. It's in Cancer at 0' degrees and it is 3 degrees away from my 12th, in my 11th.

I have trouble letting go of past hurts, slights and offenses to my "soul". I can forgive just about anyone for meaningless hurts inflicted - whether intentional or unintended, but when something has hurt me deeply - I never let on to it - but I never forget it either.

Sometimes I think I hold onto these hurts like sacred treasures to remind me how not to be vulnerable in the future.