Rethinking sextiles


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Hello. I used to not think much of sextiles. I saw them as the less powerful, mousy little sister of trines. However, I am starting to see them in a different light now. I feel that not only are they a harmonious aspect (which is always nice to have), they actually give people the chance to grow and evolve, owing to the fact that not only the modes are different, the elements are different, too. So in this sense, they are sort of like squares, except without the grating harshness. One particle put it the best: sextiles require you to put in a little bit of work to make them work. And it is this work, that allows us to become better versions of ourselves. And in synastry, it's wonderful too, because parties are required to put in conscious effort in order to make the relationship work. This is good for the relationship as it encourages constant adapting and growing.

Thanks for reading.
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Great analysis, wan!

Sextiles combine the ease of the 3-series with the tension of the 2-series. I think of key words like "excitement."


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God I hate to do this....but I have not found sextiles to have ''tension.'' Yes, there can be other aspects to the planets in the sextile dynamic, and those asepcts can produce tensions and challenges....but the sextile is a gift. or gifts...if you have more than one.