Relocation Horary: is Dignified Mars a "bad" planet?


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Do you understand what is meant by "good" and "bad" planet in relocation chart as I am confused about what is considered a good or bad planet when dignities are added?

Lilly says:
"CHAP. XXXV (William Lilly, CA 212-214)

If Good to remove from one house or place to another, or to stay or abide in any place or not?

See to the Lords of the Ascendant, the 4th house and 7th house, for if the Lord of the 4th be in the 7th, and be a good Planet, and the Lord of the 1st and 7th be good Planets, or strong in that part of Heaven where they are, or in the whole Figure, if they be Direct, and of swift motion, and in good aspect with good Planets, it is good then to abide still and not remove from the place where the Querent is; but if the Lord of the 7th be with a good Planet, and the Lord of the 4th with an evil one, it is then not good to stay, for if he does, he shall receive much damage there"

My question is: if Mars (a bad planet) is dignified 1st ruler exalted, conjunct MC, is it considered a "good" or a "bad" planet?

Similarly, if weaker 7th ruler Venus (a good planet) is conjunct MC and 1st ruler in capricorn and slower since Mars will catch up on her soon, do you agree that Mars is stronger than Venus? If so, is Mars more "good" than Venus?
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Whether Any planet is good or bad depends entirely upon the circumstances of that planet in the specific chart; we should avoid a priori prejudice regarding any planet in order to make accurate delineations.