Relocation Charts

Summery Joy

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Ok. I know what a relocation chart is and how it is calculated, but how important is it really?

Is more more important than the natal chart when doing an analysis for someone who lives away from their place of birth?

Does it count in relationship astrology?

Do we do Solar Arcs and Secondary Progressions for it too just like a natal chart?

I, for one, have my ASC in Gemini 0:59. For me, traveling just a bit to the west (which I often do) would give me a Taurus ASC. I dont even have to leave the country (and my country is only as big as an average U.S. State :D ).

Any insights?


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For me, relocation charts imply that we can avoid who we are (or become someone completely different) just by moving. That seems bizarre. I have traveled to various places and have noticed in each place I was still the same person I always was. Some say that, in order for relocation charts to work, a person needs to stay in a place a year or more. That could be, but I stick to using the birth chart and birth challenges in my interpretations.

Sticking to home,