Relocation Charts.


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Hi all,

Are relocation charts really feasible?

Take for example, and air hostess, or someone who works aboard a cruise ship or who is in the navy. Such a person will be continuously travelling through various timezones constantly. Does thia really mean that there Ascendant sign and perhaps also Moon sign, is constantly changing also? Why would this be? It doesn't make sense.

A person is who they are. I am Pisces rising, and this is part of who I am. If I was to travel around the world then would my rising sign really shift through each sign of the zodiac as I pass through each timezone? As my Moon in on the last degree of it's sign, then sometimes my Moon sign would change as well. I cannot see this, because when a person crosses a timezone they do not fundamentally change their character or expression as a consequence.

This is why I find relocation charts unfeasible. What do you think?

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We are who we are


I agree with you. I think we are WHO we matter WHERE we are. However, those who believe in the relocation theory get around this issue you describe by saying that relocation charts go into effect ONLY after a person has been relocated in the new location for a long period of time. It is unclear exactly how long a person has to be relocated for the new chart to take effect in their lives.

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The planets' positions remain the exactly the same, including the Moon. After all, the relocation chart is set for quite the same moment, just on a different location on the world.

I think planets in signs represent our energies while planets in houses represent ways to express those energies. As planets remain in the exact same place by sign in any relocation chart, we remain the same, wherever we are, just as Tim said.

However, as the houses modulate these planets' are able to express themselves, we can express ourselves differently in different locations on Earth.

I'll give you my personal example: 6 years ago I lived for 2 months in Spain, attending some scholarship. For a while I also worked and made plans to continue my staying there, but it happened that my relationship with the employers was terrible and couldn't find a proper job to support my staying there. It happens that my ACG map for Barcelona was neutral, while the ACG map for the place where I'm currently living now is quite good - Sun on the MC. It's all about opportunities, different ways to express the same natal potential.