Relocation Charts & Time Zone


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Hi, I'm a newbie on this forum (altho not to astrology in gen'l), and this looks like a great site!

In a relocation chart, the new latitude and longitude must be entered into the natal birth data. What I'm unclear about is this: Does the Time zone also change? For example, if a natal chart lists Chicago as the birth place, (6 hr time zone), and a relocation chart is cast for San Francisco (8 hr time zone), is the 8 hr time zone entered, or is it left at the original 6 hr zone? Thanks.


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Hi Michaelas
Most astrology software allow for relocating the chart.
The simplest and safest way, otherwise is to find out what was the GMT time at the time of birth. You need to calculate with the help of a time zones table.
Then you cast the chart for the coordinates of the new location using the GMT time.

Have fun!


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I think you would need to separately calculate what time it would've been in the new location then use both the new local's time zone and correct time it would've been in that zone had birth taken place there.

The planets/signs won't be in the correct positions if the time is incorrect for the region.