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Dear Community,

My Name is Dug. You have helped me before tremendously. I was going through a rough patch and your advice has help me save my family.

I am currently residing in the United States and planning in moving to Sri Lanka my birth country. I am discussing with a company over there and at the final stages of negotiation.

I have few questions I am trying to find answers!!
  • Is this the right time?
  • I am very career minded and will this help my career??
  • Will I be financially comfortable?
  • Will my family be OK?
I am planning this move because of my parents. They are getting old and I am the only child. I have to look after them. I also have an idea of starting my own business.

My details are-

Date of birth- February 19 1974
Time- 1.02 PM
City- Kandy
Country- Sri Lanka

Please assist me with your expertise.

Thanks a lot

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