Relocating back to NY from the UK - suddenly unsure...


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I moved to England in 2015 after I married my husband. I struggled quite a bit with adjusting to the different lifestyle and the NHS is my Achilles Heel and one of my driving reasons for having issues with living here. I have 2 children and I just feel like I am constantly fighting with the GP to get them the care they need. My other issues are stupid and easily fixed like no screens on windows or our backdoor and AC when it's hot as balls out. But those are easily fixed.

I miss my family a lot, mostly my mother. She comes to visit us here for months on end and she wants us to move back to NY. I was all for it and looking forward to it, but after spending 3 months there this summer with my two daughters I am not so sure. I was there for 3 months and I feel like my sister and father didn't really put much effort into spending time with us. In hindsight it does kind of hurt and I just think I would be uprooting my entire life just for my mom at this stage. She is going to be 70 in March and she cries all the time because she misses us. I just don't know what to do. We are going to begin the green card process for my husband (he is British) and just see what transpires in the next year.

I've looked at my relocation chart and I currently live on Venus on the MC line and in NY I would be living on my Chiron on the IC line - which explains A LOT about how I am feeling.

Can anyone weigh in on the potential move? I also worry if this will impact my husband's career negatively, etc. At the moment he is doing exceptionally well and financially we are in a great position. I also have just given up work to spend time with my kids and I don't know that I would have that luxury living back in NY. I don't want to move and then be in a worse financial position. But also, my former employer has been understanding and have asked me if I would be open to project work for them and to let them know if my circumstances change since they value me that much. The head of HR called me personally earlier this week to let me know how sad she is to hear I am not returning after maternity leave (I also took 3 months unpaid leave). I don't think I would ever have this time of opportunity at work/life balance living back in the US either.


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Hi lovely! Please also remember it depends on the planets in your natal chart! For instance in my natal chart I have my Moon in Chiron so while another person without challenging Moon influences could move there and not experience the challenges, for me moving to a moon line would bring out the Chiron too. So it’s important to look at your natal chart. It can get super complicated but I would recommend getting in touch with Katy Morikawa for a reading. She is phenomenal and pretty cheap - I’ve used her when planning two of my moves. She actually taught me this about the natal chart and it totally makes sense. So while looking at your chart it would be easy to say it’s silly for you to move back to NY when you have those enviable lines in England - it does depend on your natal chart too. However it does sound like you have experienced some really amazing things in England so from that one could assume you don’t have any challenging Venus influences. I lived in London for two years (on my Sun line - fabulous!) so understand your NHS gripes but that can be solved with private health insurance though I know it can be costly.