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Hi everyone, i asked question will i be in relationship till the end of this year, and whit whom?This is the chart. A am Saturn in my 9th house in Scorpio, and Pluto (i know he usually doesn`t count in horary, but i think this is interesting, because it represents some sort of change ) in conjucting ascedent. Moon (him) is in Aquarius (this person has feelings for me , because he is in my rulership ), but on last degree ( which isn`t very good) . Moon is in my 2 house in conjuction with Neptune (some sort of lies?). Yes, i know Neptune doesn`t count either, but this is conjuction in question. Moon will soon enter trine with Saturn ( for about 3 degree, 3 weeks, months ?), so something should happen . But Moon will first conjuct Neptune ( something must first be clear out about this lies ?) Saturn is in place of Moons fall, which is what confuses me, in this case i either don`t feel nothing for this person, or i do (Saturn conjucting Sun ?), but i am angry or maybe hurt by his actions ? There is a person which fit this profile, he hurt me and lied me, only telling he`angry because of something i did ( 2 house?), but he never explained. It was many years ago, i am not sure it is him, or someone new. Saturn and Sun conjuct in my 9th house, it could be someone a know from university ( a person i mentioned earlier fits the profile again) or someone else why i know or will knew trouth my 9th house ( but, because, i dont go to church (i am not religious) , don`t travel, and don`t meet foreigners ( and if i do, i am not interested in them ), i dont know from where will i know this person ) Venus is in my 8th house ( representing hopes and dreams ) in her fall, which is not good either. I am realy confuse with this chart, am i interpreting this well?Moon and Saturn have aspect, and Saturn and Sun too, so something has to happen ( for 3 weeks (Moon trine Saturn ) or one month (Sun conjuct Saturn) ), but will this be relationshp ? And why is the person i will be with? Please help, i am realy confused


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Nothing happend:sad:

Thats because the chart showed nothing much to happen in the timeframe you asked. Yes Moon does trine Saturn, but Moon has to change signs before it does - this always shows something has to change radically for things to go the way the querent wants, it also most likely means delay or a negative answer.

But the more important aspect I'd be interested in is Sun conjucntion to Saturn - that is a relationship coming to you, in approximately one year from the time of this chart. Sun is secondary ruler for a male in relationship charts and a conjunction of Sun/Saturn shows a coming together.

Please update end of this year when you do meet someone! :)

best wishes!


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The Moon was void of course(VOC) in your october question which is the classic indicator of nothing happening.

When we see that in horary, its more of an effort to find some indicator which shows that the MOON VOC is wrong. But usually when we look at it and see that, its a dead give away that nothing will happen in regards to the question.

Many horary astrologers don't look further. Horary is very very dependent on the actions of the Moon.