relationships quincunx Leo to Pisces/Capricorn

Quincunx (aka Inconjunct) 150?

Leo quincunx Pisces and Capricorn

Leo is fixed and fire sign. Again all fixed signs are stubborn and don?t like changes unless it suits them but has lots of loyalty and fidelity. Fire tends to act first and think later. Leo are usually sociable, confident extrovert focusing on love and partnerships, but always want the control (like Scorpio) very bossy, very well organised. Wants to be the centre of attention if not will have tantrum or throw toys out of pram. Lots of pride, occasional arrogance and tends to be bit theatrical (some should be on the stage)

Pisces, ahhh dreamy Pisces. All the world and its wife takes their problems to Pisces looking for a bit of tea and sympathy. Usually very caring, empathetic signs, but very restless and indecisive like Gemini and Libra. Mutable sign, so can be bit duplicitous. Sometimes feel misunderstood or wear rose tinted glasses, tend to be bit dreamy and over emotional on occasions. Find lots of Pisces again in nursing, care homes and dealing with less fortunate of this world. Leo wont understand why water types play on people feelings or read his mind. Pisces may resent all that bossiness and being so structured and organised ? what happened with go with the flow? What about being creative, musical, artistic?

Capricorn is cardinal and earth. Capricorns, serious, hardworking ambitious. Care very much about status, achievements and career and what people will think. Practical, excellent with money and hanging onto it longer and harder than the rest of us. Cancer and Capricorn share these traits tight?. Capricorn and Cancer are also the two hoarders of the zodiac, Cancer hordes for emotional and sentimental reasons, old birthday cards, anniversary cards old photos anything looking back. Capricorns hoards for practical reasons, these people have attic or/and garage full of junk just in case the brownies want a pair of curtains cutting up for something. Capricorns always want value for money and expect their purchases to last. Capricorn will always want to structure the life of Gemini and keep them grounded, which is probably what they need. Capricorn and Scorpio at the two least sociable signs. Hence the problem Leo wants to be centre of attention and wants to be in control and Capricorn want someone ambitious, hardworking who will get them the status, achievements and recognition they want.