Relationship Questions: Traditional Astrology


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So the question I have is why I'm not having many relationships. I've had a few, including two with a pair of cousins :lol: but it gets sort of lonely after spending months in between them.


I guess it's mostly because of Saturn in the 5th House and ruling the 7th. But I sort of thought that Jupiter being in the 11th would off-set Saturn's presence in the 5th, and the Part of Fortune would offset Saturn's presence in the 7th.

Honestly I'm at a loss. I tried doing a horary on it but the freaking moon is not cooperating right now :joyful:


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Lilly writes in Christian Astrology on page 589 that the native will have difficulties in these matters if Venus is not in some good aspect with Mars. In your chart these planets behold each other but are in mutual separation. This is not a good aspect. Situations will not last.


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So the question I have is why I'm not having many relationships.

Moon and Sun make no aspect. They are inconjunct. That is a testimony that you might not marry.

Your Lot of Marriage is in Pisces, and its Ruler Jupiter is in Gemini, which is not good, plus Jupiter is in sextile aspect to Mars and Mars doesn't receive Jupiter, and Jupiter is in his 1st Station and Stationary about to go Retrograde, which makes him incredibly weak, not to mention Mars is Retrograde and Cadent.

Venus is severely debilitated being conjunct her own North Node, and Saturn effectively squares your Lot of Marriage.

The Moon makes no applying aspects to any Planet. That would be another testimony that you might not marry.

I wouldn't expect your relationships to go all that well.


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Sometimes the universe wants you to experience and concentrate your mind on other things, like the placement of your Moon and Pluto at the moment.

I dont see anything long term coming up soon for you... a few years yet, although that doesnt stop some short term action, I would think that you may have felt that loving feeling with transit Venus going over your natal Venus.

Although I have been out of it lately, I think retrograde Mercury will be turning around on your Venus.

So dont make any decisions now... just wait until the 27ish and then make your decision.

My mind is busting with the retrograde.


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MSO I think your venus is actually well placed in the 1st house, it means it has the ability to act.

I have a moon sun trine but I haven’t had many relationships, I go through long periods of being single and I just find it easier being single if I’m honest. Maybe it has something to do with my venus in virgo 12th house, some say venus is dignified in the 12th other say its not.
When looking at a mans chart for the type of woman he would look for is his venus and moon sign and then 7th house planets and house cusp ruler and where that ruler was deposited.

relationship sticky

Unfortunately, there is no set formula or signature for marriage or childbirth, although others may disagree, apparently horary and vedic seem confident in this area. There are indicators and potential as there would be with natal, solar return chart but guarantees -- (post 2 & 3 below)

Predicting marriage and/or having children can sometimes be done, but it is not easy, time consuming and intricate. There are lots of things to take into consideration like, secondary progressions, what inter-aspects one chart makes to another, Solar arcs, Solar returns, Transits etc

Symbolic Directions in Modern Astrology – book by

By Charles E. Carter

Go to,, Extended Chart Selection, Special Charts, Lunar Phases Fertility Calendar. Fertile days will be marked in red. I hope this helps.

Part of marriage women (1) Asc + Saturn - venus
Part of marriage women (2) Asc + mars – moon
Part of marriage man (1) Asc + venus – Saturn
Part of marriage man (2) Asc + venus – sun
Lot of Children
Day Lot = Asc. + Sa - Ju
Night Lot = Asc. + Ju - Sa
the above link will calculate for you
The point being is to see if any natal planets is in same degree ie: 3'5" taurus would be same as 3'5" in ANY fixed sign and is considered conjunct. Then a passing transit, progressions or even solar arc could activate this midpoint. All depends if it's the benefic Jupiter, venus etc or malifics saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto

member called Miss Saturn (which is now member ‘Shining Ray’) has a book/theory on how many marriages and children you might have on this thread…
page 31

Where in a chart does a person see himself

What most books don’t tell you is that the Seventh House rules the First marriage. If there is another marriage, it is shown by the Ninth House. How about a third marriage? A description of your third marriage (if any) is found in your Eleventh House. You see how this works? Start with the 7th House as the 1st marriage and go counterclockwise around the wheel, skipping every other house, to see all other marriages. Some people (like Elizabeth Taylor who has eight marriages) have to go completely around the wheel!

Of course if you limit yourself to just Traditional astrology planet and don't include the 'outers' then you are severly limiting your possibilities for relationships....

With moon as singleton and lack of earth element planets and lack of *aspects* in particular shows to me a chart of a loner personality inanyevent.

Your North Node conj Moon in 8th house suggests your *Lessons* in this lifetime are with women/mother and joint finances AND *other peoples values/beliefs* as opposed to your own values/beliefs as seen in 2nd house.

Notice nothing within your chart actually *aspects* Ascendent OR MC showing you are too self contained :whistling: