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Re: Sexual attraction - the role of Venus and Mars aspects.

Evening Enlightened One's

As for me, well i have started a new relationship with a lady. Even though we dont have many personal planets in aspects, the combination of Eros,Psyche,Juno,Ceres as well as strong ascendent & Vx aspects will i hope bring a great learning experience to us both.Maybe the physical expression of mars and venus is just the tip of the iceberg for us,and that this connection will have foundations from a karmic and deeper spiritual perspective.

Mainly my Eros & Psyche at 01 Scorpio in my 9th house form's a beuatiful trine to her moon at 00 Pisces in her 7th house.And her Eros at 15 Pisces conj's my moon which is located in her 7th house.her Psyche conj my sun at 12 Sag in the 10th. The one difficult aspect is we both have Moon square sun in our seperate charts,though i perceive that if we both have an understanding of this energy,then any obstacle can be over come.

Another interesting aspect from our combined charts,is that moon and sth node are conj in pisces in the 4th house and form a double grand trine to mars in cancer in the 8th house and also to Venus in scorpio in the 12th.But what gets me really interested is how much the Vx is in play.My natal moon is conj her Vx in her 7th house in pisces, as well as my Jupiter & Chiron conj her moon in pisces in her 7th house,so would like to her anyone thoughts on this aspect.

More on the combined chart with Ceres and Juno conj in the 11th they form a sextile to the sun in the 1st, and Eros,jupiter,saturn conj in capricorn in the 2nd form a strong trine to NN,Pluto in virgo in the 10th.
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