Reincarnation and Astrology


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I've always believed in reincarnation ever since I was a child, it just seemed right and natural to me. So it wasn't an un-natural thing to dream of past lives or even have dreams about future ones if I heard someone talk about them.

Since another member and I were talking about this elsewhere, I thought this thread might be more appropriate to put a chart showing 2 souls I believe are intertwined in some way I've thought of as a new incarnation (the first one in 1947 ended in 1972 in a tragic way, a car accident, alone coming home one dark evening on a winding rural road close to her home, and hit a tree head on.)

I heard about it on the news over the Memorial Day Weekend deaths they always reported back then in our State because of beaches opening that day and all too often deaths can occur.

One night I heard her name and was very surprised and shocked by it.

The reason being, Only six or seven months prior I made contact with her after many years of estrangement as we were once friends. She seemed quite accepting of my attempt to bring the friendship back and I told her over Christmas time that I was pregnant with my first child, and she sent me a Christmas card telling me the name of her two little girls (one a new baby and the other about 4 1/2 yrs old. ) ..She suggested, she hoped I'd have a girl, so the 3 girls could know each other and play together. :happy:

Finding out she had died tragically this way simply crushed me because I"m not one to reach out too often, and felt bad we never were able to remedy the past bad feelings till now.

A few months before her death I was in touch with her via telephone calls, and she told me she and her husband had broken up. She was heartsick and trying to raise her two small daughters herself primarily - by living with her father, a bank executive in a nice new larger rural home, so plenty of room for them.

There are so many coincidences in this story if one believes in coincidences that pile up (I don't)...that it is uncanny, and THAT is precisely WHY I read the dream I had of her at her wake (funeral home), as I it she opened her eyes, I attempted to tell everyone in the crowded area, "look, she's alive" but no one else was listening to me. She turned into a baby...then I woke.
There was more to the dream, but that's the essence of it.

"turning into a baby in the casket?".....:surprised:

I was nearly 6 1/2 mos. pregnant when Carol died, so I called all our old friends (and there were many) and they all went to the wake and told me her ex was there too, laughing outside with his old friends. :annoyed:

Meanwhile, I never forgot Carol, and had a few more dreams, but none about being born again.

I had 3 children in total, all girls, and the last one, was a complete and total surprise when she came to us. She was born in January of 1977, 4 1/2 years after Carol died. In the spirit plane time does NOT exist, btw, only here with us does it exist.

Carol's natal chart shows a Scorpio Sun and my late daughter (the 3rd child, the baby unexpected by us), came in with a Scorpio Moon -

Here is their synastry:

BTW: both of their Mercury s were retrograde, (tends to think of the past and dwell there )

And my daughter's (outer chart) Moon was conjunct Carol's name asteroid.

Somehow, after all was said and done in life concerning these two loved ones I once had, I "feel" their Mercury rx had a lot to do with the troubles that ensued both with me and with them in the end.



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Other astro coincidences?

The outer chart's Saturn is conjunct the older inner chart's Pluto-Mars -Saturn cluster, but primarily close to Saturn-Pluto conjunction in orb.

The Nodes will need further comment (I'll check their positions more carefully, as I'm not as positive about Carol's tob as I am about my own daughter of course (outer chart)

The name of her ex was Walter - (asteroid) -- is conjunct my husband's named Asteroid. -
Asteroid Jessica (in the inner chart of Carol) is conjunct Asteroid "Ralph" in the outer chart of Jessica, and Ralph was Jessie's father. More coincidences.


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In our natal charts, the South Node represents our past lives. In my case, it's in 30' Aquarius/0' Pisces cusp conjunct my Aquarius sun/moon in the 8th with the Venus in Aries in the MC and Cancer ascendant. I was a 20s-something year old woman in Vietnam during the war and I knew I was killed while I participated in anti-communist guerrilla activity. An Aquarius SN means you were involved in the sciences or a major project of some kind, while a Pisces SN means you were either in prison or involved in moneymaking acts, probably illicit criminal practices. And by my memory, I was associated with US military troops based in Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) in then South Vietnam in the early 1970s.


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A Tibetan astrologer once told me: "Our charts show the karmas (actions) of our past incarnations." Essentially saying, the planets, houses an aspects all show what we've done and where we've been and possibly where we're going.

It's apart of how I received my own past life meditations and subsequent visions. Those are meant to be kept to oneself.

My charts theme is: "Anger incased. Power fallen down."