REGULUS, the Regal


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OK....I know Napoleon had his Sun conjunct this essentially how he led France, conquered Europe, and died in exile post-Waterloo? :biggrin:

I wonder how many noted alive/contemporary people have this conjunct.


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It gives violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death, success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent. [Robson*].
I have Regulus exact on my South Lunar Node in the 8th house, and its ruler is in Scorpio.

I also have Antares conjunct my Moon in the 12th.

In my last life (uncovered through hypnotic past life regression, and a few other instances of recall), I was an officer in an elite branch of soldiers and I died a violent traumatic death in World War II.
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North node suggests in the past some possible noble background, or history in a past life. My basic note on every birth chart is it is a map of our past up till birth, and suggests in each sign and planet in house positions of each of the lives and also as a composite of all the lives led.

A Leo South Lunar Node might.

As a karmic astrologer, I would agree with the rest though. :smile:


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REGULUS is known as the Bright STAR OF the LION, and THE LITTLE KING


I was (most probably) PETER III of PRUSSIA who was killed in 1762 by a MILITARY police admirer of his wife who became Queen (Catherine the Great) after Peter had 6 months in power > He made many positive liberal changes including ending the Secret Police except Catherine quickly reinstated them. He was moved to end slavery of the lower class and serfdom to build more democratic forms of government and improve education. He also moved to end Russian and German control influence and power, was considered both bright and undisciplined, lazy and ignorant. Prussia (russia -germanic provinces) eventually also ended as a nation as German and Russia were formed.

As this was 2 centuries before my birth, and Virgo rising at 1 degree is 2 degree after the degree of Regulus (29 leo) in my chart, it relates perfectly to the 200 years progression (regression - 200 yrs = 2 degrees) since these events occurred. Regulus has since moved to 0 Virgo.

There is also the 'modern' Astrology to this that I will share here. I have been the ONE WORLD GALACTICIAN for about 20 years, and that is now the one and only SOLAR-IS ASTROLOGER I know of, FOUNDED THE SOLAREAN (SOLAR ASTROLOGY) seven signs of the SUN. This is a most advanced amazing and Real ASTROLOGY which shows the SOLAREAN PROGRESSION AND THE SOLARIS MODEL KEY LIFE DATING, and relates also to the STAR-GPS MODEL (Geodetic place location) as well.

The key is this true position degree is the KEY ASTROLOGY DEGREE and to our REAL BEING. SOLARIS and Solar-IS. It is like saying it is the SUN OR SOLAR DEGREE of the REAL U, often called Soul, but really just the individual or real being we are. The key sign of the SOLARIS IS THE SEVENTH SUM TOTAL DEGREE OF THE SUN and in The SOLARIS CHART for myself has the SUN AT 26/27 DEGREE OF SAGITTARIUS. This is conjunct the current Galactic Center, which I think pinpoints why I would be the discovery or realized person in this work.

The figure of my SOLARIS MOON (Monis or Moon-IS) IS 29 leo conjunct regulus, which it itself confirms the LITTLE KING, but let me explain what this really means. I am the founder of SOLAREAN, but also realize THE SOLAR-IS, which is must more than just being some little king in a past life, leader or just the sun of astrology, or some such big self-ego idea. This is not important, but what is IS the SOLAR-IS is about each of us finding out and knowing who we really are, and thus being like the SUN, A BEING OF LIGHT, and also the totally aware and clear. This also points to the real Unuvurses, and is not just of this physical world. The relation is here for us in the Solaris, but our real being is THE SOLAR-IS, just as the position of the SUN is only a reflection or LIGHT of that origin soundlightreality it often represents to people. TO KNOW YOUR solar-is would be to know the SOLARIS as the REAL NUMAN would see it, not as a human being in a temporary life.
This is thus part of knowing the real doorway to Eternal Being, and the True Realization of it.

The fact also is my own MONIS (SOLARIS MOON (7th sum) is at the degree of regulus, and my own experience in the past life with it is in the perfect
timing and space indicator as such, also relates in the Regulus mode in my current life, as I and this work has not been understood or recognized in the field of ASTROLOGY nor by friends in general, family and others. It is notable here but not for to gain notoriety or power, rather just to be true as possible.
This is to part of the larger TRUE SOLAR VESSEL project, which is beyond just the dimension where most believe is existence, and so points or is in
part of the TRUE REALITY OF BEING we each are coming to know.


My work in this regard is with the NU-u and the SEE FOUNDATION and of which I am PRESIDENT. No surprise. Our work is to Real Freedom and the natural environment, of the real Unuvurses, and also of the concept CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE NOW. (Paneagle personal SIGNS of this are moon in gemini in the 10th house, mercury retrograde in the 4th house, and sun and moon hidden by sign in the 4th and 10th houses, Virgo trine Chiron and mercury conjunct in the 5th house, among many others) My solaris sun 26 sag and Monis 29 Leo. My Solar progression solar arc is about to conjunct my solaris degree and in the next 10 years will conjunct the Galactic center, which I consider no accident of connection to the SOLAR(IS) MODEL.

Invite any of you to explore YOUR OWN SOLARIS and these real NU methods, books on the subject, and SEE OCEAN, for if you will be wise, BEYOND the common perception of man, science, and planet / stars alone.

REGULUS (as listed previously by this thread)
It gives *violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure*, imprisonment, *violent death,* success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, *fond of power, desirous of command*, high-spirited and independent. [Robson*].
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