Reference books? teacher?


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Hi Everyone,
A post by username Shiva regarding accurate predictions of yesterday's semifinal match ( the fall of wickets of NZ) attracted me to this site. @Shiva amazing work. I have always been drawn to the occult science and also read Tarot and have a good understanding of numerology. For me learning these sciences and helping people through it, free of cost has always been a priority. I would like to gain knowledge in astrology too as I feel it's very accurate with predictions. Would appreciate the guidance of the learned members on this forum for the best way forward. Any reference books that I can buy to learn from or even a good teacher contact will help. I don't follow this as a profession but as a ' calling '. I have a strong intuation but I am not very fluent in our Hindi language, so please guide me if learning astrology will be good for me. Thanks & Regards.