Received job but when will I start working?


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I have received a job and its location is overseas. I also got visa approved to travel to the work location but there's been a delay to get visa stamp on my passport. May I know what is this chart showing - when will I start working ? I will be able to only start working after I reach overseas.

Myself as Mercury sitting in 10th house and ruler of 10th house is also Mercury. Moon in also in 10th making applying conjunction in 1 unit. Is it sooner than later ?

Please help. Thank you !


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Whether the 10th is the administrative office stamping your passport or the job, they are both 10th. Reception is favorable from L10 to you/L1, and Moon applies to conjunct Mercury in it dignity in one degree. The house is angular, so faster speed; the sign is mutable, so medium speed. So I say pretty quickly, hopefully within week? If not, then a month?
I am wishing you the best, SA5


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Thanks Ilene for reading my chart. The major problem is getting the visa stamping appointment. 1 week is highly unrealistic. It could be possible that I get visa stamping appointment within a month but still I won't be able to fly abroad and start working within a month. Administration takes at least 15 days to stamp passport.
There's a pressure from the employer to come soon to the US and start working but I am stuck here because of government delays. I am glad to know that the reception is favorable between L1 and L10. :)
I have been unemployed since last 2 years, I am really looking forward to start working and getting an income again. xx