really struggling to pick a career path (psych/pa/vet med), please help ~


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i attached both whole signs and placidus

i can't decide what to do. originally, i wanted to do vet med, now i'm considering psychology and being a physician assistant.
can anyone offer insight on my chart?

for psychology - i stumble over words so i can't see myself in therapy as much, but i am interested in the assessment aspect. thing that turns me off from going in is that it is competitive to get accepted into grad school, and once accepted it is a very long program

vet med i got disillusioned by the financial aspects of it / potentially being limited to the affordability of clients, also the competitiveness of getting in

physician assistant is appealing, it's medicine and the training time is shorter, there's many more schools available, i'm worried about oversaturation in the market and maybe being matched with a bad employer and forced to practice outside my scope

if anyone can offer insight i'd really appreciate it

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