Read your Lunar Return chart


I will offer to do a Moon-to-Sun Return and an Advanced-to-a-date chart for anyone who volunteers.

The stipulations are as follows:
** Of those who offer their birth data and a brief description of a significant event & event date in their life, I will choose one person and provide both the interpreted Moon-to-Sun Return chart and Advanced chart for the event date.
** The volunteer must be willing to have this data presented on this site and to offer feedback, as well as have others offer any comments.
** The purpose of this exercise is to have the list community get involved in discussion and to experiment with these charts.

As part of the interpretive and charting process, I will include an explanation of each step involved in creating these charts and in using them. If the discussion goes well, we can do further charts as a means of familiarizing ourselves with the Moon-to-Sun Return methodology. I don't intend to make this a free chart reading service, but to establish some discussion and question-and-answers sessions. Dave:biggrin:

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Moon-to-Sun Return analysis for Evangeliana

Evangeliana has asked about her current affairs Before taking a look at her current Moon-to-Sun and Moon-opposite-Sun Return charts, we can note some features of her natal chart.

Natal chart

Aquarius as a rising sign suggests you support social issues, innovation and are interested in the affairs of others. You may overlook your own needs and the needs of those closest to you as you focus on the larger issues need addressing. This fits well with your Sagittarius MC which provides an outgoing nature and mingling with others. With the Part of Fortune near the MC, you find opportunities and changes associated with others to be exciting and stimulating.

The Libran Sun orientates you towards sociable situations and involvement with the affairs of others, joint ventures, and giving of yourself. Yet, this supportiveness includes an understanding of what compromise and agreements can represent in terms of the changes and influences of involvement with others can entail. This Sun's square to Neptune denotes sensitivity to the arts and drama, all of which can hide the true nature of others from you.

Mercury's sextile relationship with the Saturn/Uranus pairing suggest that you delight in solving problems, tend to being logical, and are curious. You think on your feet, tend to act on impulse and like change while avoiding boring situations. In this manner, your mind is a counterbalance to the seemingly quiet and social outer nature of your personality.

One's primary needs are represented by the Moon, in your case the Moon is in Leo and the 6th house. A warm nature and a need to be appreciated is evident. This relates to your habitual response of being supportive of other's needs as much as of your own needs. Moon's trine to Mars makes you a bit assertive, even pushy in terms of insisting on helping others. The sextile to Jupiter invokes optimism in yourself and others, making you the ray of sunshine in the lives of others. The only issue seems to be in not offering too much help too soon to others.

Moon-to-Sun Return chart for May 31, 2012

We can step back in time a week or so and look at the "current" Moon-Sun phase of her life. This Return chart finds the t/Moon conjoining the n/Sun in the THIRD house. "This two week phase will find you being more alert, open to ideas, brimming with curiosity, and more deeply interested in the affairs of others than is typical for you. Waling about, reading the news, receiving notices, agreements with others, travel and shopping for bargains are typical of this Moon-Sun phase." This standard set of meanings for this phase seems to fit well with your basic nature.

t/Saturn conjoins n/Mercury (t = transiting, n = natal) at the IC, it would seem that some form of concrete understanding or truth is either discovered or comes to an end. Remember, this pairing is important in your natal chart. Along with this pattern, t/Sun opposes your n/MC angle and t/Part of Fortune: Perhaps a male makes personal changes which impacts your status in life or hopes for the future.

By June 4th, 2012, the t/Sun opposes t/Moon at the n/Part of Fortune (at 15 Sag). More clarity should be evident by now in male/female relationships or between decisions made and feelings experienced. A time to take stock of yourself.

June 9th, 2012 (tomorrow after this posting) will be a day of emotional outbursts, deep feelings being expressed, and comfort received and given as t/Moon passed over your n/Ascendant. t/Part of Fortune opposed n/Sun at 11 Libra suggesting that changes occurred that affected your best interests. Fight and arguments are indicated by t/Mars squaring t/Sun -- these may have been done over the phone with someone who was located at some distance from you (natal Mars is in the 9th house).

I'll attach the Return chart to this post. Perhaps you will provide some feed back in a day or two as to how all of this worked out. In the next post, I'll comment on the Moon-opposite-Sun Return chart that covers the next two weeks starting on June 13th. Dave

PS: This return chart was "advanced" to the day's noted (June 4, June 9) by keeping the same "time" and just re-casting the chart for those dates. This maintains the angular movement relative to the "Return" date/time while showing the transits to the natal chart and the return chart's angles.

Edited to add the following note: The natal chart and its angles are shown in the "outer" ring of the attached chart. The transiting or Return chart planets and angles are shown in the "inner" ring. My computer software permits one to to change the inner chart, but not to advance the outer chart. In order to advance the chart on a day-by-day basis I have to place the transits inside. This also orients the transit/return chart to the Asc. (left) and MC (top) angles as is conventional. In this example the natal MC at 10 Sag is shown in the Return chart's 5th house. Dave


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Re: Moon-to-Sun Return analysis for Evangeliana

I am very interested in learning more about this technique, having observed this for this year and the events so far.


Re: Moon-to-Sun Return analysis for Evangeliana

Hello, I was alerted to your inquiry this morning via my e-mail. I have not been active on the Astrologer Community because there was little expressed interest in Moon-to-Sun Returns. However, that is not so on my Ninth House blog site where I address a number of various forms of Return and Cycle charts.

I can answer your questions direct via e-mail at
This form of Return charting has proven to be quite useful and applicable, so much so that I am writing a book on the subject, having just published my first book Personal Prediction (p.c. Solar Returns and progressed angle daily charts).

Both the transiting Moon conjoining the natal Sun and the transiting Moon opposing the natal Sun are part of a dual cycle. Each covers a two week period. The house positions of these two bodies set a "theme" for the following period which is highly appropriate. The Part of Fortune is a major factor in these charts as it is so linked to the daily Sun-Moon relationship and the Ascendant of the Return chart. Some examples are on I am in the process of greatly expanding this sites coverage of various Return practices. In any case, contact me via e-mail and I'll be happy to share what I know. Dave