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I am wondering about my health throughout the life also, maybe I am asking too much. But anyone can answer. I am dropping my details here. Date-22nd May 1997, Time-12:05 PM, Place-Keshod,Gujarat,India.

I want to know how my career would be, as I am a bit of a lazy actor. what would happen in some years, just finished a trained actors course and started working in the industry. I have seen spirituality and acting together often as a perception, I am inclined towards spirituality since few years. How would that be? Also my friend showed my chart to an astrologer and she said there’s a karmic pattern with my mother, I don’t know how but my childhood was traumatic because of her mental issues and I still don’t see myself close to her but very close to father. She also mentioned that the more I look after my mother the more better it would be. Maybe because of that absence in relation between me and mother it’s hard for me to understand romantic relationships Can anyone throw some light over this? Thanks a ton!

Birthdate: 22nd May 1997
Birthplace: Keshod, Gujarat, India
Birth time: 12:05 PM
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The combination of Saturn and Ketu in the ninth house in your chart is a strong indicator of spirituality. It will manifest itself from 2029.
Your Moon is full but it is debilitated. Your mother has had a difficult life though she had facilities for a much better life.
Your luck is weak and success in life will come to you only when you apply yourself.