Read my chart (please !)


Dear rahu,

First I'd like to strongly thank you for the time and interest.

I will need few days to analyse all your readings but on a first glance, I feel some aspects you mentionned (analytical, dense psyche, wish of secret, obession, hidden feelings, judgement, love complexity) are pretty much closed to what I experience(d).

What you say about survival is pretty interesting, as I have the feeling of extreme adrenaline and confidence in case of a danger surrounding me.

What do you exactly mean by Karmic energy ?

So thank you again for your share rahu.

Best regards,
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Anyone to share some insight (even bad one ?)
Thank you :)
Best regards,
astrology beginners are often unaware
that there are at least twenty or thirty different house systems
or means of dividing the so-called "birthchart"
into twelve segments of life activity.

that the house location of a natal planet may change
dependent on the house system of choice :smile:
Placidus is simply the default

In astrology, houses, mansions, or domains
represent general areas of life activity
and are the grounding areas or arenas of expression for planets.
Originally, the words "houses" and "signs" were interchangeable.
A planet in the SIGN of Aries
was also a planet in the HOUSE of Aries
so that in effect houses as we know them today did not exist
Artificial divisions now known as houses
were attempts by early Greeks and Hindus to measure strength "points" in the horoscope
which during 7th and 8th centuries AD were construed
or confused
as means of dividing the birth chart.
The ascendant and midheaven degrees and their opposites were definite power points
or areas of intense focus
but not necessarily the beginnings of a house or quadrant
The Whole Sign House system was used by the ancient Greeks
and the Hindus (who still use it today).
It is the oldest and simplest house system in existence
and immediately eliminates the awful mess astrologers have made
on the issue over the last 1300 years or so

these previous discussions may be of interest :smile: