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Saturn in the horoscope typically shows where and how we feel inadequate, and not good-enough. Saturn in the 11th house of friends and associates precisely shows that you are liable to feel uncomfortable around other people. With Saturn squaring Venus, you may also doubt your attractiveness and ability to form pleasant relationships. Then with Cancer rising, the crab is apt to retreat within her shell.

Of course, you are just as good as anybody else, but you are hard-wired to doubt that this is true.

Saturn is not all bad, though. It also rules beneficial qualities, like the capacity for self-discipline and hard work. Saturn trines your Mercury, your thinking and communicating abilities. Your Mercury is extra strong, in Virgo, the sign that it rules. It is well-placed in the third house of your day-to-day thinking and communicating abilities. If we put these together, you have the capacity of disciplined (Saturn) pragmatic (Virgo) thinking (Mercury.)
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Saturn here is creating pretty powerful afflictions, being out of sect, and harming the sect benefic. It squares 11th lord Venus, taking the Superior position

Firmicus writes this of that aspect:
11. If Saturn and Venus are in square aspect with Saturn above, the
natives will lose all inheritance and be reduced to beggary. They have
bitter experiences with women; there is no pleasure in love nor successful
results from their desires.

This is a bit overly dramatic, so don't take it too literal.
There are some mitigations to this, such as Venus receiving Saturn as well as the copresence of Jupiter, which helps alleviate the harm of Saturn, and hte aspect is separating (although very tight), so it's something that I would expect to play out less as you grow older. However it is still a harsh placement which will create difficulties in life.

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Just a note, somewhat off the specific thread topic:
I agree with the caveat mentioned in the previous posting-often statements made about conditions or influences in the old time literature seem overly dramatic to contemporary readers-remember to consider the quality of the given conditions or influences mentioned, their essential nature-which is always accurate-and don’t be put-off or interpret them literally.
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Hi there, I study Vedic astrology. If you would like to send me your birth details I can read your chart. I have been learning for 6 years and looked at friends and family chart so far but would like more practice.