Read my chart for musical ability


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I love to sing and I feel I have a natural talent. Are they any indicators in my natal chart for music talent too?? :joyful:

I'm new on this site but I'll like someone to read my chart. So I attached an image below (under attachments). I blocked out my time of birth and birthplace for privacy reasons, but it shouldn't matter it has the important stuff anyway.

Thanks Who-Ever Replies :D

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Re: Indicators of Musical Talent in a Natal Chart

This is from two years ago but why not lol.

A definite yes to a singing career for you! In an artistic chart you look for connections between Venus, Neptune, Moon and/or the signs they rule (Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Taurus) with the MC (so the public can see.)

Your MC is in Taurus (Venus = art, but in Taurus' case specifically singing), which is ruled by Venus in Pisces (Neptune) trine the Moon in the third house of communication.

Since Venus is in the 7th house collaborating with others may be particularly helpful for you. Venus in Pisces 7th house themes about merging in relationships and disillusionment may impact your work. There is a definite tendency to talk (3H) about relationships (7H). Moon - Venus aspects are timely and help you connect with the audience and trends (especially true since your Venus rules the MC and the Moon conjuncts IC.) Venus oppo Jupiter is another sign of popularity and attracting benefactors but you may over do it or get complacent.

You have the Nep/Ur conjunction in the 5th house of creativity, a long with the North Node (where you are meant to go in this life.) Mars on an angle helps you take action. Leo ascendant loves to perform.

The only thing is I'd like to see a bit more Saturn to help you follow through, but the fact Saturn is in and ruling the 6H shows an ability to work hard. Just try not to cut off your emotions (Saturn square 3H Moon) in the processes. You may have to learn how to express yourself (Moon 3H) on a deadline (Saturn 6H.)
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