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I had some enlightening readings when I first joined (thanks, Kimbermoon!) but I've learned a lot since then and have some specific questions about my natal chart. I'm also interested in anything else you want to say about the chart. The system I'm most comfortable using is reflected, but I'm also open to recastings of my chart, if anyone feels compelled.

My questions:
1) What does it mean to you that I was born about an hour before sunrise, putting my Gemini Sun in the first house below the horizon?

2) What about Moon being at 1 Pisces, Mars at 4 Leo, and Pluto at 4 Libra? Do you ascribe to the notion of "young" planet placements in signs? Is there anything related to decans that is interesting here?

3) My ascendant is at 28 Taurus. Algol, the fixed star known as the demon star is said to be at 25 or 26 Taurus. Alycone is at 0 Gemini. Do either of these placements impact my chart in your opinion?

4) If you know about Muse asteroids, what do you think of my placements, particularly Calliope conj DC?

5) How would you expect having my chart ruler, Venus, in the 12th to manifest in my life?

Thanks so much!



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