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Re: Health insurance claim

Dear forumers,

My horary question deals with my claim to my health insurance company regarding a doctor's visit from last November. It appears they are bullying me into dropping the claim at my own will.

Little background:
Following my doctor's visit, I submitted my forms back in mid January 2014 to claim my money . They denied the claim, pointing to "missing diagnosis" in the claim form. In the original claim form I wrote "pending investigation" because I had not been told my diagnosis and because I planned a second doctor's visit/follow up scheduled this February. Long story short, I asked my doctor for my official diagnosis, included it in the form and submitted the same documentation again.
The insurance company denied my claim a second time, now pointing to "missing pages" from the invoice/bill. I know for a fact nothing was missing and I even confirmed that with my doctor.

Now, the following question(s) were going through my head when I opted for an horary chart, right after i read the second denial letter from the insurance company:
"Will this insurance claim be solved favorably/Will I get my money back eventually?".

Geneva, Switzerland
46°12′N 6°09′E
February 19th 2014

Ascendant: 3 degrees Libra
Quesited: Mars (8th house in Aries) in Libra @ 26°57'
Querent: Venus in Capricorn @ 19°47'
Moon is in Libra @ 25°55'

3rd/9th house axis intercepts Gemini/Sagittarius
1st + 2nd houses share same sign
7th + 8th houses share same sign

I am aware of the early degree but I still believe the chart to be fit, especially because we are dealing with intercepted signs which pushes some houses to the boundaries of that sign. I don't think it's a coincidence that the 1st house and 2nd house share the same sign (early and late Libra, respectively), just as the 7th house shares the same sign with the 8th (early and late Aires, respectively).
Moreover, the Moon in Libra collects the light from Venus onto Mars, albeit without any major reception; the Moon applies by conjunction to Mars a few degrees from the 2nd house cuspid.
Venus is also applying a square to Mars which will perfect before Mars leaves the sign.

This is the part where I need your feedback :)
Is my quesited indeed the 8th house? Are money claims from others indeed governed by the 8th house?
Is the chart fit or am I delluding myself?
Last but not least, does the chart point to a favorable outcome despite tremendous difficulties (after all, difficult aspects between the major players is better than no aspects at all)?
I guess a classical take on the chart would say NO. I've read about modern interpretations pointing to a YES, eventually...

What do you guys think?



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Re: Health insurance claim

Yes, of course. Please see attached.


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Re: Health insurance claim

As a follow-up, the health insurance has specified the reason for refusing the refund. It was a mistake on my doctor's part - they had not issued the invoice under the correct format.

In the end, the health insurance refunded my money after the doctor changed the invoice.