Raw Food??


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Anyone here on a 80 percent Raw Food diet? 100 percent Raw?
I would really love to know because since Saturn is moving toward my Stellium I think besides all the other stuff he wants me to do I think I am being asked to eat correctly.. I wold love to know any positive or negative stories


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If it is Saturn and that is what you want, you will probably lose weight.

I was asked to just eat raw food for 4-5 days by an acupuncturist once. I did lose weight a little, got fairly ratty too. It was a long time ago and I don't remember what ransits were going on for me though.

It might dpend on what is in your stellium.

What is the aituation with either Moon or Ceres in your chart?


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it's ok to do 100% raw food for a little while (a week) as a "detox diet" but as a general lifestyle its only appropriate for a few types of people with specific body constitutions or health situations. many people who try to do it long term (years) develop other health issues related to digestion, energy, and mood. it really depends on the individual.