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Can someone explain to me what a dispositor is?

The sign any planet occupies is affected by the planet that rules that sign. This in turn is shaded by what sign that ruling planet is in. When a planet rules the sign another planet is in, we say it “disposes,” or is the dispositor of, that planet. That's why it's important to know which signs a given planet rules.

For example, when Mars is in Taurus, it is heavily affected by Venus, which rules Taurus. That makes the sign Venus occupies important in showing us the backdrop to how Mars in Taurus energies express themselves. Pay attention to Venus the next few weeks, since she'll be behind all Mars activities as long as Mars is in Taurus.

When Mars is in Gemini, it will be heavily influenced by Mercury, which rules Gemini. Therefore the sign Mercury occupies is important in showing us how Mars will express itself during that time.


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So the dispositor of my Leo sun is the Sun.
A Leo Sun is dignified because in own domicile
Dispositor = a planet which disposits, disposes of, or rules another
because the other is in one of its areas of dignity :smile:
For example
when Jupiter is in Taurus
Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus, disposits Jupiter.
Planets can also be disposed by the lesser dignities
so the dispositor of Jupiter by exaltation
is the Moon which is naturally exalted in Taurus.

The general condition of the dispositor
can have some bearing on planetary strength.

See: Understanding Planetary Dignity and Debility.