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My aries colleague sent me an email today asking if I was back. I said yes but don't send me any questions. He told me I was lucky he was busy and a bit stressed or he would have sent me tons of questions. I then sent him a pic of a stressed man infront of a computer and told him it was him. He replied with sending me a pic of a woman on the beach and said it was me. I replied and said he forgot my drink. :p
Hihihi it's so much fun teasing aries men.
It's a lot of fun going to class with my aries man. He was standing in front of the class and when the teacher explained some of the things he had questions about he said to me "take notes" and made a gesture to me that I should take notes infront of the whole class. I gave him a sarcastic look and said "you missed the sentences you were supposed to read" and pointed at the blackboard. Hehehe

The thing is I forgot my pen so I couldn't take notes. Well actually I had one pen but I gave it to him and the other pen I forgot. And I already knew most of the things already so I didn't really need to take notes but he wrote and wrote hahah. It was a lot of fun watching him as a student. Never in million years did I think we would sit in a class together or watch him take notes lol. I was watching his notes and pointed out the things he missed. It was so much fun hihihi.

Later on our way home he said to me. "I think it was a bit rude of you not to take notes. " I was the only one not taking notes and I said "but I didn't have a pen" :(
He bursted out laughing like it was the funniest thing that he had tricked me thinking he was serious. Typical aries. :p
Fool of the fools.:p
Never drawn anything like this but got inspired by a certain someone :) really like the outcome.



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Moon moving into oppose saturn....hmm i wonder how many "will he return" horary charts were gonna get around here :whistling:

And let's hope the 7th house isn't ruled by Saturn :lol:

I read today about the Weinstein sexual abuse case. The character of many actors and actresses have been put into question, including Meryl Streep (let us take a moment to appreciate cult classic Death Becomes Her), Matt Damon and Casey and Ben Affleck, because they didn't speak out and in the case of the Affleck's, were involved in covering it up.

The effect of Saturn in Capricorn has begun...