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When the gross fat lazy 'contract mail carrier' walks across my yard to get from neighbor to neighbor house, and you go out and say - hey, dude? you got mail for me or not - looking at an empty mail box - and he says no - and you say - then stay the fuk outta my yard, and while you're at it, wash your t-shirt or put on a uniform. Garbage delivering nothing from the gov't today...except wear and tear, lol. YouTube link
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I actually think I could stand to be more critical of myself. I'm a pretty indulgent person, of both myself and others. I'm a weird Virgo. I could also stand to be much tidier. My lab and my desk are a riot of frames and paperwork and charts about to collapse.
I mean this in true sincerity with a pluto/node conjunction in virgo in 2nd. Let's make lots a money....I can tell you what to do right in 3 seconds, lol. All of Virgo is weird. Just look at Jupiter Asc.


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We've had two days of 70 degree weather - bit of a respite from the 90 degree stuff - but it'll be back tomorrow. It's usually cool and rainy here year-round. Can they weather-manipulate droughts?
Yes. They can manipulate the weather. Harp.