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David, you may recall a couple of weeks ago when I mentioned I came across an animal testing site in America on social medics but was not aware of any in the UK, besides the cat farm in Kent that was proposed at the start of lockdown (and then denied).

Well, just to update, I have came across two beagle animal testing sites in the UK and have been following the protests against them for a few weeks now.

A non-direct action one calls themselves ‘Camp Beagle’ or ‘Free the MBR Beagles’ and today they have their one year anniversary. They have set up camp outside one of the beagle puppy farms in Cambridge. They beat drums and chant, have a bbq area to sit and eat, and a tent to relax in. Their members include Ron, a 101 year old WW2 veteran.

Last week, a direct-action group called the ‘Animal Freedom Movement,’ broke into the Cambridgeshire puppy breeding factory called MBR Acres and liberated 5 puppies. The police went looking for the puppies and even visited the home of Ron. The 5 people who took the puppies handed themselves into the police station a few days later because they want a public trial in order to raise awareness.

It’s really heart-warming to see these two different styles of protest groups. I wrote a letter to my local MP asking for Animal testing to be ended in 2025, which was one of the ways the groups suggested you can help.

I thought I would just give an update on what was happening in the UK. These retrograde have been a bit pesky for me but it was heart-warming to see that the retrogrades have been a catalyst for an uprising in more positive areas too.

I had no idea the UK had puppy farms. They are sold to animal testing sites at 16 weeks old and then killed 90 days later after being tested on.

I am very happy those 5 Beagle puppies were rescued by a direct action group and equally heart-warmed by the peaceful resilience of the non-direct action group :)