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You are safest with the killer who has learnt his karma than with one who has never killed.


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While being stressed,

I couldn't post in my 5D thread
because I was more in warrior mode than 5D mode.
Im still not back to being near 5D, negativity is still here,


there is no genius in 5D, only acceptance and love.
Madness is kind of cool.

If I am meant to fight evil on a spiritual dimension, how can I be 5D too?

So you can neutralize negativity with love
you can't neutralize a demon or evil with it,
you got to fire up your power and blast it to smithereens.
I'm not questioning the existence of 5D
Im wondering how to fight evil
and reach for enlightenment.

What do archangels fight evil with
if they are filled with universal love?
archangels are archangels - humans are humans :smile:


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Mastery of the mind ~ Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Buddha's teaching is to master the mind.
If you master the mind
you will have mastery over body
your own
can only come to an end.
But if you leave the mind full of negative emotions
however perfect
the actions of your body
and the words you speak
might seem
you are far from the path.
Mastery of the mind
is achieved
through constant awareness
of all your thoughts and actions.

Check your mind
as soon as negative thoughts arise
remedy them with the appropriate antidotes. :smile:
When positive thoughts arise
reinforce them
by dedicating the merit they bring

wishing that all sentient beings be established in ultimate enlightenment.
– Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
from the book

"The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones"
ISBN: 978-0877734932 currently available on amazon


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that's a non sequitor :smile:

No it is talking about two different people. You are safer with an ex killer who has learnt his lessons than being with someone else who has never killed and so hasn't learnt the lesson.

I just came up with it so maybe it could do with re-wording. It is basically hinting at the idea that God is responsible for both good and bad karma it refers back to a past life memory I had where I killed a witch who had been a surrogate mother to me. That witch was reincarnated as a family member this life time and tormented me. When I received the past life memory I knew she was the witch and it all made sense and helped heal me. Now I am wondering if I was meant to kill her all along and thus beginning cycles of reincarnation with her because if God is responsible for everything, good and bad, then it could be true. I also now know that karma is God's business and it was not my responsibility to go out murdering witches even if I justified it to myself. But the main thing I am wondering is that I am a lot wiser for having killed her than if I had never killed her because it led me to an appreciation of God. Compare it to a naïve person who has never killed, the killer has spent a long time in his cell mulling over the complexities of life than someone who has just tended to their garden and gone to the shops.
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archangels are archangels - humans are humans :smile:

Good point. I had gotten myself stuck on one of my unsolvable conundrums again. Although I posted this question on a group on fb and it blew up and received over 500 replies. In between those replies, I got some very good advice. One person asked me how often I had been meditating and I said only recently I started regularly and last week I did 3x1 hour ones plus little ones. He said for every hour I meditate I should ground myself by going for a walk outside and with bare feet on the ground. Also because I was doing charka meditations, I should also envision protecting myself with a bubble afterwards.

Another advice from someone else said that there is no need for me to be anything else other than what I am at this moment and has offered to teach me about the 'God-realized Vairagi ECK Masters,' starting with a HU said while I meditate which will protect me. 'The HU sound is the word of God' and will protect me while I meditate and also will benefit everybody.

I have just had my lunch. I am going to go a walk. I spent hours yesterday on the post and talking to countless people but I have taken from it two peoples advice which I think will prevent me going out off whack and having a week long headache again. I could always just stop meditating but I kind of like a challenge.


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Surgical elections seem complicated to me.
You have the general climate, your natal, the surgeon, the affected body parts and systems to consider just in the chart!
Knees are ruled by Capricorn and lower veins (clotting risk) by Aqua?
I like the Virgo PoF.
Good luck!
I always feel like you have to be a qualified doctor to understand medical astrology. But then that will be a catch-22 situation. When you study long enough to be a doctor you'd probably become too logical and dismiss astrology. Or maybe that's just me. I would really like to see someone who is well-versed in medical astrology. That would be someone I admire a lot :joyful:


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Surgical elections seem complicated to me.
You have the general climate, your natal, the surgeon, the affected body parts and systems to consider just in the chart!
Knees are ruled by Capricorn and lower veins (clotting risk) by Aqua?
I like the Virgo PoF.
Good luck!

Thanks so much passiflora for your suggestion re: clotting. Seems the surgeon mentioned it too and takes that into consideration via aspirin therapy each day after the surgery for at least a week. Plus they make you wear the anti-embolism socks for quite awhile.

I am btw, a Capricorn stellium (Sun-Mer-Mars all in the 6th house where Pluto has been transiting forever!)....But 2 yrs ago when I had the right knee done 11/2017, it was like night & day with walking again, so I'm praying this one will be a success too. My Mars is exalted in Capricorn even though in the 6th house and often pressured in the chronic health area of life so quite often with health issues, I tend to get over them quickly enough except for skin (psoriasis for 40 years) and spinal issues (crooked spine) from birth.

Here is a Medical astrology link where I found my Sun & Mars degree right on!

[FONT=&quot]16 Left Knotty Protruberance (he said its a large efflusion of water) and of course bone on bone.
17 Right Ligament Knee Deb’s Mars 17Cap.
18 Left Ligament Knee

Ironically, when a brother in law (Aries Sun) had a stroke after already being hit in the head during a robbery,then a car accident one New Year's Eve; these proved correct too:

[FONT=&quot]13 Frontal Lobes (Brain)
14 Lateral Lobes, Stroke, Suicide (Marty D. had a stroke and his Sun is 14Aries)[/FONT]


Again, thanks to all who commented. You can never be too sure when looking at these things. I have at least 10 more years (as I told the surgeon), to walk and get around before I'm gone, so hopefully this left knee will turn out reasonably good too. But he did warn, "no two operations on knees are exactly the same) :sideways: which kind of worried me a bit.

david starling

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Well, Sun's firmly in Pisces along with Mercury and Neptune. Time to trust your intuitive abilities, especially with the Moon on its way to join the Sun in 24 hours or so!
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Prosecutorial Misconduct
Clinton Connection in Duncan Hunter Case
two assistant attorneys general partied it up at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser :smile:


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It looked like a classic Justice Department squeeze play:
pile a boatload of corruption charges
on then-Representative Duncan Hunter
Republican of California
drag in his family
and plead it down to a single count and a resignation.
But Hunter fought back :smile:
And now Judicial Watch has uncovered new evidence
supporting allegations of misconduct by prosecutors
in the case allied with Hillary Clinton.


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Hunter and his wife were indicted in August 2018
on dozens of corruption charges
related to misuse of campaign funds.
Later, in separate court actions
they each pleaded guilty to a single charge.
Hunter resigned from Congress in January.
In a June 2017 motion to dismiss
Hunter’s attorneys noted
that the two lead Justice Department lawyers on the case
Alana Robinson and Emily Allen
had attended a 2015 political fundraiser
for then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton :smile:
at the La Jolla mansion of a wealthy supporter.
Hunter was a vocal critic of Mrs. Clinton
and an early supporter of Donald Trump.