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Looks like a few dreams die or Neptune Saturn only good trine.
Aries is a go getter. Win
That does not look like that.
Neither planet exalted Aries.
Saturn is fall.
Neptune neither.
I find when the last time this happened.


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It like the Pluto Saturn Jupiter synods …Covid started and conspiracy theories. Or theories period.
Saturn will sextile this
Jupiter getting ready to square this.

The great divide in the states too.
3 synods.
Pluto saturn
Pluto Jupiter
Saturn Jupiter marks economical
Saturn will sextile Pluto
In Aries. Both will sq


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Gender topics . Aries is self. Image. First house.
Lol! I remember first time my daughter. She about 14. Said , “ mama why is that man wearing women s clothes? It not Halloween.” saw this.

Image and Neptune creativity or delusions .
Trying to think of a few with Neptune in Aries. That be my great great grand parents . Unknown .😊

Civil war in the states too.