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SHOCK MOMENT: MTG Puts GRAPHIC Photos of Hunter Biden

on Display at Televised Hearing :)

NOT allegations, these are facts - Hunter Biden paying for sex & deducting on taxes is Illegal.


Of Obama Admitting What Trump Said Is True :)



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Hunter's laptop has replaced Hillary's emails, which are no longer the object of their obsession.
I wonder if MTG could actually be charged for sexual harassment or some other cyber crime for showing his junk to the world without his permission. Dudes can get thrown in jail for doing that to ex girlfriends now.


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jupiter posted

SHOCK MOMENT: MTG Puts GRAPHIC Photos of Hunter Biden​

on Display at Televised Hearing :)

NOT allegations, these are facts - Hunter Biden paying for sex & deducting on taxes is Illegal.
what mtg couldn't show to the public is illegal as it's child ****. twitter did allow the photo of hunter with a very young asian girl as we just saw their faces. how is he not under arrest? anyone else would be serving 99 years in prison for what's on that laptop. hunter loves video taping himself having sex & being naked, hundreds of images of him that he recorded himself. the child **** is even worse then the criminal activity as he's raping young girls. his father is a pederast & his son is exactly the same. maybe that's why he thinks hunter is the smartest guy he knows. pedos like to stick together in their depravity. many of the photos are available online but the children's faces & their bodies are covered of course. hunter is a monster, he has a tattoo of 5 finger lakes on his back which is an area where major child trafficking takes place; children just disappear. he deserves to be executed for his numerous crimes, same with his father, they are traitors, pederasts & depraved sociopaths.

Nearly 10,000 Photos from Hunter Biden’s Laptop Published​

Thousands of photos from first son Hunter Biden’s laptop have been made publicly available via a website called BidenLaptopMedia.com. The site was launched by the “nonprofit research group exposing corruption & blackmail”.


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From Day One,
Attorney General Merrick Garland has politicized and weaponized the Biden Justice Department. He’s relentlessly gone after Trump, Trump’s top aides, Trump’s supporters protesting the election results on January 6th, parents outraged by gender chaos and sexual assaults in schools, and Christians praying outside of abortion clinics. At the same time, Garland has protected Biden, Biden’s corrupt family and business associates, BLM and antifa terrorists who destroyed American cities, trans-terrorists attacking Catholic Churches, and abortion-industry activists who destroy pro-life pregnancy centers and obstruct by illegally threatening and intimidating Supreme Court justices and their families in their homes. Matthew Colangelo, a top Biden Justice Department official, joined Soros-funded Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s office to indict Trump for the non-felony of a businessperson settling a nuisance claim.
And Bragg and Colangelo indicted the first former president in American history—who just happens to be the leading rival presidential candidate—based upon a bogus legal theory rejected by the prior Manhattan DA, Manhattan US Attorney, Federal Election Commission, and Bragg himself.

Then Garland had his handpicked and disgraced special counsel Jack Smith—previously reversed and rebuked 8-0 by the Supreme Court for Smith’s blatantly partisan prosecution of a likely 2016 Republican presidential contender—indicted Trump for the non-crime of a former president having his presidential records in the congressional funded and heavily guarded Office of the Former President, which is allowed by the Presidential Records Act.

Garland wants Trump to die in prison for “espionage” after Trump’s fight with Biden’s librarians and other bureaucrats over papers Trump has every right to access anytime he wants—but they claim Trump didn’t properly checkout.
At the same time, Garland secretly colluded with Biden’s personal attorneys for months to coverup Biden’s 5 sets of stolen classified records from the Obama White House and even the Senate, moved several times, accessible by the Biden’s Chinese agent, and almost certainly used by the Bidens to secure millions in foreign bribes and other corruption from Ukraine, China, and other trouble spots.
After Garland got caught in the coverup for his boss, Garland appointed special counsel Robert Hur, a protege of FBI Director Chris Wray who seems to be in no hurry to do anything. Now Garland is poised to indict Trump again. So is Fulton County DA Fani Willis, a partisan Democrat politician in Georgia. This time for the non-crime of a presidential candidate objecting to a presidential election, which is permitted by the Electoral Count Act of 1887. Twisting political arms is also permitted by the First Amendment. It’s only a crime to object to elections in third-world Marxist hellholes.
Otherwise, Democrats would be in prison for objecting to Republican presidential wins in 1968, 2000, 2004, and 2016.

Democrats are terrified they can’t beat Trump in the polls.

So Garland, Smith, Colangelo, Bragg, and Willis and running a baseless and transparently political lawfare campaign to try to have Trump die in prison instead of Biden facing Trump in November 2024.
This is election interference at its worst.

It’s long past time for House Republicans to impeach Garland.

Mike Davis 🇺🇸



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recent developments & challenges
concerning the US dollar hegemony
& its impact on the global economy.

The appointment of Andrea Gacki as the Director of FinCEN by the US Department of the Treasury

signals a potential strengthening of the defense of the US dollar hegemony
through financial sanctions
restrictive measures

against non-conforming economies

However, such actions have faced growing scrutiny
& opposition worldwide

especially from China,
a significant holder of US Treasury bonds

the world's second-largest economy.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen acknowledges the limits of financial sanctions
and the potential consequences of China selling its US Treasury bonds

The rise of de-dollarization movements in various countries across Asia, Africa, & Latin America
challenges the US dollar's singular role in the global economy.

Countries are exploring various strategies to reduce their dependence on the US dollar
such as increasing gold reserves
signing currency swap agreements
& conducting transactions in non-dollar currencies like the Chinese yuan.

This trend poses challenges to the US economy

which has relied on the profitability of petrodollars and US Treasury bonds.

The US's credibility
& the reliability of the US dollar
as a global reserve currency
have been questioned

leading over 121 countries to take steps
towards de-dollarization.

The repatriation of gold reserves from various countries
further highlights the shifting dynamics in the global financial landscape.

China's significant holdings of US Treasury bonds
its role as a major commodity & oil importer
give it the potential to impact the petrodollar and US Treasury bonds.

The US Congress has warned
of the possibility of China selling a substantial amount of its US Treasury bonds.
The US economy faces the challenge of adapting its financial and economic strategies

in response to the growing global scrutiny
and challenges to the US dollar hegemony.

Embracing cooperation and promoting a balanced and diversified global economic order
can lead to a more just and sustainable future for the global economy.