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This has been best '...trade...' skill for over 100 years.
No wonder US are against any oil reach country to have nuclear arms.
At one point in the past US stated that US may use again the nuclear arms.
Now, US are not so sure :)

as others have more than they have :)

Putin asks the US to stop 'stealing' Syrian oil

This is not new. Delta Crescent Energy LLC

is the name of the company selling Syria's oil.

It would be interesting to see how it links back to US senators.

Some of Iraq's oil is also sold via a small London based company

and Genie Oil operates off the coast of Palestine

and in the Syrian Golan Heights.



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Gotta say, though: the irony of a guy pulling an attempted assassination
getting immediately released
after attacking a guy speaking about bail reform is absolutely delicious :)

Man Who Tried To ASSASSINATE Republican Candidate Lee Zeldin


Democrats Lost It



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America, EU and Russia agreed
post-world war 2
on respecting certain borders and distances between military forces
and America and the EU under NATO
are in breach of this agreementx:)
and expand their military presence ever closer to Russia's borders
so how can we expect them not to react?
We would have done the same and always have throughout history.


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Funny how
trump got us where Obama and Biden promised several decades of a timeline in just 2 years lol.
Trump was well on the way to energy independence and Joe ruins it
Exactly why Trump brought this up during his last Presidential debate with Joe:
"..;Why didn't you do it Joe?! You got all the ideas then why didn't you do it?!
You'd been a VP for 8 years! Why didn't you do it...?!".
Not word by word, but in the sense, that was what Trump brought up.
People didn't care to listen and to pay attention.

President Trump did not just say the words, he accomplished what he promised!! :)

"...Tacos are just as smart and talented as Watermelons..." -Jill Biden
Other Countries or whoever has some serious dirt on him, his family
and I'm sure others and they must be playing catch up
because of what hillary by loosing wasn't able to do



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Did you all see the drinker of the house weekly press briefing.
She got upset when asked if she has given hubby stock market advise
based on her knowings?
She took off like a rocket and smashed the microphone down on her way out.

It was very funny.