Random presidential thoughts


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But...but...81 million people voted for him. You know, in the most safe and secure election :)
ever held in the history of the world. Right?
We did not - I repeat, DID NOT - vote for this man.
My grandma did, though. Couldn't ask her why, she was dead.
I am one of the 70 some million who didn't vote for this senile old codger

and I'm one of the many millions that do not believe 81 million
"...Legal...", "...Breathing..." Americans cast a single ballot to elect him!
The alleged leader of the free world Joetato Biden

has once again shown the great leadership
that is keeping western democracies so safe and secure.

In a recent hearing, Alabama's SOS and a state senator
chastised Dominion Voting System representatives
for failing to notify them about their machines' numerous vulnerabilities to hacking :)
The reps. were so ill-prepared to answer their questions
that a follow-up hearing has been scheduled for the 10th.

You can find videos of that hearing at Mike Lindell's Frankspeech.
tried to post the URL but was shadowbanned. You'll find the videos on his homepage.


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Making Hoover and Nixon look honest by comparison - quite an achievement
The Brandon crime family at its best

Treasury is ‘...refusing to release...’ Biden family’s ‘suspicious activity reports :)



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So, Trump is a ThankYOU-ist - he must be stopped :)

We can't have someone slinging serial congenialities on recorded phone calls :)

These kinds of niceties must be cancelled :)

When are they going to stop harrassing Pres. Trump??

Trump NOT INDICTED on Georgia Phone Call Transcript

After Initial Release Since Beginning of 2021

How much tax dollars in total have been spent by these (insert expletive) trying to “...get...” Trump?
They are looking for crimes on a person
instead of looking for a person that has committed a crime.

It's unethical what they are doing:)


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