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Well, I just assumed that memes don't make themselves! Someone must be behind the curtain, no?


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Pete Hegseth, to discuss Pete’s new book, Battle for the American Mind:
Uprooting a Century of Miseducation. :)

Will & Pete dig deep into the roots of how the American education system went
from teaching an informed patriotism, to forcing progressive indoctrination
upon impressionable young folks.
They discuss why they believe the fundamentals of American culture have been corrupted
and what people can do to help bring back religion, ethics, and meaning



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The point in training the Ukrainian military
was not for them to succeed
merely to become dependent on the weapons and aid.
conditioning to become an addict to secure a client.
By the way, Russia has no real interest in ending this war either
their arms industry is booming

in addition to the ruble making gains, and fossil fuel profits