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President Vladimir Putin decided that Russia will not make Covid vaccines compulsory for its citizens, saying people should see the necessity of immunization on their own.

Some officials in Russia had proposed making vaccination mandatory, but Putin said Wednesday such a move would be “counterproductive.”

MAY 27 2021

david starling

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A LOT of FAKE NEWS going around!
Not Surprising as we are in an Information War.😏😏
Russia has NOT mandated the clot shots for the military.
Russia NEVER mandated the vaxx, EVER, unlike O'Biden & other western dictatorships.
You can't believe ONE word they print about Putin/Russia unless it's from know Truth Tellers😌😌

Russia has one of the lowest vaxx rates in the world. Around 45% with 2 jabs then drops much lower
Here's a graph, they are 3rd from the bottom, with Romania, Bulgaria with even lower vaxx rate.

Here's a formula regarding fake news--

• Any news reports you, personally, like = real news.

• Any news reports you, personally dislike = fake news.

• No critical thinking required! :lol:


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Actually, ALL news from MSM about Covid, Trump, Putin, Jan6 IS ALL FAKE NEWS.
That's what they are, a PROPAGANDA tool for the Dem Party.😏😏
It's been this way for decades not but really ramped up in 2016 & has ramped up even more
with the Ukraine conflict.

The lamestream media need to return the Pulitzer Prize they got for lying about Russiagate.
It's all been proven to fake, phony & false.
It was O'Bummer/Killary who colluded with fake Russian spy & the FBI to make up the dossier
It was the Dem criminal enterprise that spied on the Trump campaign.😌😌

Looks like CNN is starting to get 'cleaned up' with the new REP executive
He fired a couple of the top, Trump liars, demoted Lemon to the morning show & will soon get
rid of the other TDS liars too.
A barn filled with s**t doesn't get clean overnight, esp when it's piled so high up to the roof.
But nobody watches the fake news anymore except the extreme lunatic left.😗😗

FACTS & TRUTH are a Lib/Dem's worst nightmare.


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I can't spend all my time replying to the fake news reports, they are endless,...
esp when it comes to 'Putin bad, Orangeman bad'.
However, I DO know that Putin would NEVER mandate his military.
He wants his Military strong & healthy.
Not like the O'Biden regime which wants the US Military WEAK & FORCING them to get vaxxed.
Even so, the vaxx rate is VERY low in the US Military as they are NOT enforcing it much & lawsuits all over the place.


At the end of it all, we will know who the 'good guys' are & who the 'bad guys are'.

Until then, chill & take everything you read with a grain of salt!
We are not enemies.
The enemy is the NAZI WORLD ORDER!
Who just committed the WORST crime on humanity with the Plandemic.

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Ùpdate with Keith Wilson on the Emergencies Act enquiry:

So...just four days in and they already admit they have no evidence of violence of any kind....

On day 38 they'll probably bring Glorious Leaders feelings being hurt as a crime in his great empire of maple syrup.