Raj Yog in Dushthana Houses!!!


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Hello Everyone, I have some questions to ask about raj yoga, so here I go...:cool:

Some sources say that good Raja Yogas are formed in Vishnusthanas and Laxmisthanas. But Here, I would like to focus myself in Raja Yogas formed in Dushthanas.
Lets say, for Thula Lagna people, Jupiter(the natural benefic), is the lord of 2 dushtana houses. So if this L-6 gets into the 8th House, Vipareet Raj Yoga is formed.
Secondly, Lets talk about Moon. Lord of the 10th house, if it gets into the 8th House, it is exalted because it will be in Taurus. This will give rise to another good yoga known as Gaja Kesari Yoga in the "8th House".

So, two good yogas in the Dushthana House :surprised:.
Lets say that there is no planetary aspects to this house.
What can you deduce from this???? These has always eluded my Mind!!!
What kind of fruits will they be able to give? Please anyone??? :confused:


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According to my studies,
What is 8th house? Unexpected events which occur in life like sudden growth and sudden loss.

If dhana yoga present in 8th house then sudden wealth from nowhere in massive amount.

Vipreeta raaj yoga is another form of raaj yoga which occurs in dushthana houses only.
But need to see the chart to justify full answer.


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Yes, sure... why not?? Please do have a look. :joyful:
Currently I'm running Rahu maha Dasha[2000-2018](which is hell to me)and Venus Antardasha(!!!-effects)
After that is my Jupiter maha dasha.
Thank you very much for the reply.


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Okay!! Here's my North-Indian Chart.
Currently running Rahu Maha Dasha(25-04-2000 to 26-04-2018) and Venus Antardasha.(16-11-2011 to 16-11-2014)
Sun Antardasha(16-11-2014 to 11-10-2015)
Jupiter Maha dasha (26-04-2018 to 26-04-2034)


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yes rajayogas/vipareeta rajayogas in dusthanas.

9th lord mercury over his own virgo 12th for foreign lands, spiritual development, hospital/health services and expenses thereon perhaps, while mercury makes debilated aspect over pisces 6th impacting health and employment matters.

pisces 6th preference for teaching-learning work environments.

mars 2nd lord for finances over the 6th, trine 2nd house,
earnings through extra efforts. mars 6th tends to overcome opponents/competition aggressively, prone to health issues and
accidents say water accidents/drowning etc.

jupiter lord 6th over the 8th again forming vipareeta rajayoga, success amidst adversity. jupiter-moon benefics over benefic sign hence moderate challenges only, while benefics are said to be less prone to be able to cope with major challenges.

jupiter makes debilated aspect over capricorn 4th impacting domestic comforts, mother's health, vehicular conveniences, etc

moon 10th lord elevated over the 8th taurus, could suggest career issues, while could involve research assignments, may be related to arts, hospitality, food industry. jupiter-moon conjunct protective amidst adversities. jupiter-moon rohini nakshatra of the moon itself, tending to escalate things fast whether positive or negative, climbing fast.

rahu 5th acquarius could disturb education, romance, position, children - while sun-rahu opposition tend to rise and fall, political inclinations/tendencies perhaps;

while fixed leo and sun inimical/badhaka for the movable libra ascendant, gains and friendships under stress and delays.

sun-ketu 11th own leo perhaps tending to negate income/income breaks and affecting friendships, corporate and govt contacts, although could be inclined to. leo individualistic,

saturn aspects own acquarius 5th protective of education, position,
but not good for health of children, while the sun-rahu opposition too.

rahu 5th suggestive of pitrudosha, need to worship ancestors, offer karpoor arathy daily evening. respect elders/grandfather etc and seek their blessings.

jupiter 8th could bring sudden gains; aspects scorpio 2nd promoting research and occult aptitude.

jupiter 6th lord over the 8th taurus may perhaps be suggestive of thyroid issues/hypothyroid perhaps, escalating fast. could promote artistic aptitudes, and research thereof, cuisine/cooking, hospitality industry. investigative roles like quality control, banking audit, etc

saturn 9th lord from moon, negates into 8th sagittarius from moon, negating the luck factor; while saturn yogakaraka for the libra asc
over the 3rd house generically good for initiative and general progress in life, although aspects 9th gemini impacting luck/father/husband and also aspects mercury virgo 12th impacting expenses, foreign lands, health, luck etc.

although mercury own virgo could suggest success amidst adversity, trine moon-jupiter.

asc venus over the 10th cancer tending to artistic aptitudes, public relations, charismatic leadership - while lord moon over the 8th could suggest research/investigative aptitude and escalating growth prospects therein, while there could be career issues too. jupiter lord 6th over the 8th again suggestive of success amidst adversity.

stress and delays in gains with breaks in income/friendships, and stress amidst adversity seems to be the theme of the chart,
while asc venus charms over the 10th house for career and success lord moon elevated over the 8th taurus conjunct jupiter for research/investigative aptitude in chosen field. mars 6th calling for extra efforts and prone to be aggressive with opponents.

currently transit saturn-rahu elevated over libra asc tending to uplift life in terms of domestic comforts, education, position, 6th from the moon and good while calling for extra efforts;

while jupiter transits unfriendly gemini 9th/2nd from moon and good for luck but under stress, while aspecting own sagittarius 3rd for initiative and communications;

while jupiter-saturn opp could tend to cause miscalculations and misunderstandings with siblings etc, and missed opportunties including interview performances/written tests to care for.

hope generic observations help reflect further, pick relevant, find useful enough. could share feedbacks.

hope saturn-rahu transit libra elevate life trine jupiter transit gemini 9th. while saturn-rahu could tend to rise and fall to watch and care for same time. rahu acquarius reformist and innovative, tending to be airy, uncertain and mysterious.

wishing well,



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could share specific feedbacks as relevant to the reading offered!

9th lord mercury...is impacting my health......and I'm having a lot of breaks in career... may be because...9th lord in 12th signifies loss of fortune....and I'm experiencing that... plus I only imagine and day dream... I have my own dreamland... I create countless things in my mind but cannot materialize...

Mars is my atmakaraka(i guess) but haven't faced any competition in an aggressive manner till now... but facing lots of struggles career wise. Really frustrated and sad @the present moment...

About Jupiter 6L in 8th haven't experienced much of it... and waiting for the dasha of Jupiter....

moon in 8th (10L ) -->struggling in career... not fortunate enough (i feel) loads of obstacles...
Loads of interest in occultism, magick, sorcery... mind power.... , meditation, knowing the unknown.

Rahu 5th in Aq.... disturb in education (yes), never got good marks as expected., I love logical problems, mathematics, and all science stuff... Computer Science graduate. PitruDosha.... (i dnt know about that...DO I REALLY HAVE PITRUDOSHA...??? 0.o

Sun + Ketu in 11, have few friends but all of them good; no self-confidence, no self-esteem; I hate myself.... :((
Not interested in earning too much wealth...etc. etc.

I dnt know about Saturn.... I hate Saturn...

Venus--> I love to be unique (lol, nt blowing my own trumpet), I love arts, love to be a creative guy...esp in computer related matters... I'm fond of dresses..., comforts and everything good.

;) ;) ;) btw thank you so ooo much... please have your say too...