Rahu Mahadasha?


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I have rahu in pisces in the 3rd house, and is conjunct mars. i have just started this mahadasha, earlier this year in April. What can i expect from this mahadasha?


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Hi Heyyparv,

With the details you have shared you are going to spend money to learn a new hobby or a technical skill. It can be an online course too. Are you thinking about it recently?

You can move into a new neighborhood, try to buy a new property or at least you will buy a new bed for yourself.

You can start picking verbal fights with your friends, office colleagues, in-laws (if you are married).

If mars is not strong in your chart you can face verbal humiliation regarding your financial status.

You will be tested in terms of your career starting next year. It's time to put maximum efforts you can if are expecting any rewards in your career.

You can get into accidents unexpectedly while driving and hurt your legs and feet.

When you get angry you will have no idea about things you can speak. The position of Jupiter in your chart will decide how well this can be handled.

You can have heated arguments with your spouse/partner about travelling, work, vacations, settling down etc.

If you are trying to move to foreign lands then you will start making plans and saving money for it.

You can start accumulating lot of anger in you without understanding how to express it or with the fear of hurting others if at all you express it.

Now all the above points can have less than 50% accuracy because I have no idea what other planets are doing in your chart and who's influencing your mahadasha lord or how strong he is.

Hope this helps.