Rahu Mahadasha with Moon Atardasha.


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Can you tell me effect of this period please?


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You didn't mention your lagna and rahu, jupitor placement.
Its not a magic that one can predict merely by name of planets.


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Re: Rahu Mahadasha with Moon Antardasha

Dear Mathur,


Here you have...

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I will wait for your answer, thans much'


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Re: Rahu Mahadasha with Moon Antardasha

Have seen people getting mood swings, depressed and anxiety, but with huge material gains and success. Usually, people who are already up there in the material front, finally realizes their mental health condition, even though they have good success to show.


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Re: Rahu Mahadasha with Moon Antardasha

The sub-period of the Moon has started in the major-period of Rahu in your chart from 4/April/2019 and will last till 3/October/2020.
Your mind will be disturbed and worried. You will have some apprehension in your mind. You anticipate trouble without any reason.
This is not a satisfactory period for your mother. She may have some trouble.
The Moon is exalted in the chart. It has the aspect of transit Jupiter. Therefore you can expect some improvement in your status and wealth. It is in the fifth house from Rahu.
The Moon as I have said above has aspect of transit Jupiter. So long as this transit continues the good effects of the period will continue to be seen. They will wane after Jupiter moves to Sagittarius in the end of November/2019.
You have to be careful since Rahu is associated with Mars and the Moon projects aspect to Scorpio. After Jupiter moves to Sagittarius there may be an occasion when you may have to stay away from home against your wish.
Further since Rahu is associated with Venus and the Moon is in Taurus you may face a situation in which you may be deceived after the above movement of Jupiter.
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